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  • darkwell - suspiria albümünden two souls creature'ın üçüncü ve son bölümü...

    you're welcome my children of the night to my world of chaos
    sanity is just a weird form of madness
    open your pity souls and taste the power of my dark spirit

    the ashes scattered in the mists of time
    the blood spilled in the meadow dried since long ago
    how i long to own such power
    perhaps i will obey the dark spirit's call

    he leads my steps to the ancient darkwell ground
    a reflection of my image
    cold water starts to move...with a scary sound
    in the well the spirit rises

    is this torture never ending, is this pain inside me real
    overwhelming lust all i feel
    in my mind forbidden thoughts, will this be the last day
    is this the price to pay

    offer your soul my child
    take it lord
    give it to me now
    i'm only yours
    swear your oath to me
    i swear
    you're one of my creatures now
    why the pain doesn't end

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    (bkz: the salvation)