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    populerlik anlayisi justin bieber nihat dogan arasinda gidip gelenler icin anlasilmasi zor bir durum.

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    the american academy of arts and sciences (1972)[9] the national academy of sciences, the russian academy of sciences, and the american philosophical society. he has been recognized by numerous awards including: the american ınstitute of physics science writing award in physics and astronomy, the phi beta kappa science writing award, the american physical society's lilienfeld prize, the german astronomical society's karl schwarzschild medal, the robinson prize in cosmology from the university of newcastle, england, the albert einstein medal in 2009 from the albert einstein society, bern, switzerland, the sigma xi: the scientific research society's common wealth awards for science and ınvention, and the california science center's california scientist of the year award (2003). he has been a woodrow wilson fellow, danforth fellow, guggenheim fellow, and fulbright fellow. he has also received the honorary degree of doctor of humane letters from claremont graduate university. he has been elected to hold lorentz chair for the year 2009 leiden university, the netherlands. thorne has served on: the ınternational committee on general relativity and gravitation, the committee on us-ussr cooperation in physics, and the national academy of sciences' space science board, which has advised nasa and congress on space science policy.
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  • "the science of interstellar: astrophysics, but not as we know it"


    icerik hakkinda fikir sahibi olmak icin:

    "perhaps it’s the hype, but ı was expecting more science in ınterstellar, as opposed to science fiction. ı was a little disappointed, ı must admit, that the core science of the movie, the plot devices that made the movie work, seemed to be a little fragile in terms of physics and the science that goes through them."
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