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  • bu dakika, su an anlaminda. bunu bir kagida yaziyoruz. ustune bir mum koyuyoruz. sonra gozumuzu kapayip meditasyon yapiyoruz. biz her kimsek. (bkz: here and now)
  • güzel mi güzel nic chagall prodüksiyonu. prog mixi dinlenir bunun. jonathan mendelsohn vokalleriyle:

    i’ve been running on, running on empty
    for way too many miles now
    i’ve been flying with broken wings
    and now i’m falling faster to the ground

    and it’s a bitter end to a story so sweet
    like a long lost friend
    that’s never found a way back to me
    and i can’t deny these memories
    got me all locked up inside
    and you hold the key

    all that i need is this moment
    to send me away with a smile on my face
    i tried to leave but i turn back
    on my heart remains a trace
    all that i seek is this moment
    all day in my mind i recreate
    if there was a way to get back
    this feeling of chase..of chase
    all that i need is this moment
    this moment...
  • nic chagall'ın tek kelimeyle harika prodüksiyonu. vokal de on numara.

  • ibiza'nın en popülerlerinden bir nic chagall eseri.
  • belirtmemişim daha önce, bu eser trance alemindeki gelmiş geçmiş en iyi erkek vokaldir diye düşünüyorum. jonathan mendelsohn'a gidiyor alkışlar.
  • fm fanlarının resmi milli marşı.
  • bir disturbed şarkısı. sözleri :

    you will remember this moment
    as you dig into me
    and from your smile now
    ıt seems as if you liked it
    you'd better cherish this moment
    as you dig into me
    you'll never get another chance
    at this

    ı won't stand another minute
    of your questioning me
    you hear me, bitch, stop
    the interrogations over
    ı can't handle the feeling
    of your pestering me
    how would you like
    to meet my favorite fist

    no you can't renege
    ı love to see you beg

    dream this moment as you run away
    you will only separate me from
    all ı believe this moment
    ın brutality
    you're the one who kept on pushing
    till ı made you bleed

    ıt seems your pride has been stolen
    since you stood up to me
    ı'll tell you now you know ı think ı
    really like it
    so learn a lesson from someone
    who will never repeat the many
    tragic mistakes of his past

    ı hope you savor this moment
    as you're still on your feet
    so keep it quiet now
    ı think you're gonna like it
    words have consequences when
    they're spoken to me
    better be careful when you're writing checks

    don't you question how
    ı stand above you

    now you know the answer
    save yourself from danger
    ı cannot forget how all of this began
    ı know you know the answers
    save yourself from danger
    beaten by a stranger
    blood still on his hands