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  • ing. diken...
    every rose has its thorn diye de ozetlenebilir durum, zamaninda poison un yaptigi gibi...
  • blind guardian'in "nightfall in middle-earth" albumunden bir parca.
  • biohazard'ın mata leao albümündeki baştan sayarsak 14. şarkı.

    i got this thorn in my side, i try, but i can't get it out
    been killing me for years gone by, a miserable, painful bout
    no matter how hard and long i try to rip at it, it stays
    buried deep inside my side enduring, every day

    thorn in my side

    i've picked the scab, a trying way, a painful means to amend
    rid myself from the anguish, torment that i must end
    i've lived this way for years but now i gotta move on
    an oozing sore needs tending to just like the thorn i adorn

    misused, abused, accused, confused
    i'm sick and tired of backwards views, my soul's too tired
    all black and bruised
  • (bkz: thorn within)
  • blind guardian'in nightfall in middle-earth albumunun slow parcalarindan biri. maksimum derecede etkileyicidir, frp oynarken, veya tsr (artik wotc oldu ama, her neyse) kitaplari okurken dinlenilmesi siddetle tavsiye olunur:

    a black swan
    is born that night
    the misty pond
    (has) got a new king
    got a new king
    so what can we do
    with our lives
    when it all begins
    it's hard and
    it's cruel
    will grace die in pain?
    will light ever rise again?

    i'm trapped in darkness
    still i reach out for the stars
    i'm moving in silence
    i leave it all far behind

    oh at dawn
    i'll face the edge of thorns
    oh at dawn
    i'll pray at the edge of thorns
    oh at dawn
    i'll face the edge of thorns

    let us march on
    to the fields of sacrifice
    (i'm) wondering why
    i'll carry on
    will i betray myself
    to rise

    in the silence
    it's time to explain
    search for truth in lies
    useful lies
    needless love's damned

    what can we do with our lives
    when it all begins


    come follow me
    and you will see
    how it will be
    when all the pain is gone away


    let us march on
    though there's no hope at our side
    let us be brave
    though by glory we are denied
    don't you think
    it's time for us
    to bring to an end
    come play the song of death
    the wisdom in us both
    will make it
    special guaranteed
    play the song of death

    i'm lost in the depths of his eyes
    i can't flee
    inner pain caused insanity
    it's deep within
    the fear and the hunger
    enslaved and denied
    by my love and my enemies
    i'm the illgotten son

  • one must fall 2097de hertarafı sivri şeylerle dolu olan güçlü bi robot.
  • serbest cagri$im acisindan (bkz: arathorn)
  • garip, metal etkisinden cok destansi, ya da masalsi etkisi olan blind guardian sarkisi. evet garip bi entry oldu ama sarki da oyle.
  • blind guardian'ı sevmeme sebeb veren şarkılardan biri. çok güzel sözlere sahiptir müziğide etkiler.