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  • kederiyle canıma dokunan bir kila şarkısı..

    bu ne be:

    tip toe through
    tireless peace
    come and go,
    leave your toys and sweets
    when, if i had a place
    you could visit me
    read fairy tales, play
    hide and go seek
    cliff faces are far too steep
    even though we try to
    smile through our teeth
    this surface is not so deep
    although we have our
    secrets to keep
    tightropes are seldom
    too weak
    say i’ve lost my shoes or
    i have cold feet
    say stranger how did we meet
    and who will hear us
    when we start to speak
    our shadows are still
    out on the street
    my skin is still as
    white as a sheet
    our time is short and fleet
    empty pockets, trick or treat
    we all need food to eat
    friend or foe we all go to sleep
    life away from home is
    far from cheap
    so look long now before you leap
    so soldier please have a seat
    you’re only alive while
    your own heart beats
    there will always be
    wolves among the sheep
    but what’s left of the
    earth will be ploughed
    by the meek

    ploughed by the meek
  • ane brun'un a temporary dive şarkısında da geçer.

    "sometimes we tip toe
    sometimes we run
    sometimes we wander while looking at the sun"
  • swalla tarzı topitoş şarkı. güzel ama.
  • jason derulo-french montana iş birligi ile otobus yolculuklarımın vazgeçilmez şarkısı.

    başka türlü bitmiyor bu yollar.