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  • bir web sitesi üzerinden yapılan başvuruya istinaden gönderilmiş iş teklifidir. totalden gelmiş gibi durur e-mail kutusunda ama gmail uzantılıdır. londra'ya gelin, parayı da biz vereceğiz ama işlemleri bizim seyahat acentemiz üzerinden yaparsanız, hemen görüşelim tarzı bir şeyler vardır içinde.

    oldukça gerçek gibidir ama gerçek değildir.

    detaylı bilgi için: http://www.complaintsboard.com/…dshire-c442638.html

    oldukça fazla insanı dolandırmışlar. dünya çapında bir dolandırıcılık mevzu bahis.

    pis insanlar.
  • bana da gelmiş iş ilanıdır. üstelik, gelen maile telefondan baktığım için ve from kısmına total.com uzantılı bir mail adresi koydukları için, ilk birkaç dakika beni gerçekten kendisine inandırmıştır. üstelik, linkedin'de de ilgili iş ilanı var olduğundan; iş tanımı vs gibi detaylar da verildiğinden; ve maili yazan kişi cidden total yönetim kurulunda olduğundan dolayı, özen gösterilmiş bir dolandırıcılık türü olduğunu söyleyebiliriz. ayrıntılarını merak edenler için aşağıda ilgili dökümanları copy/paste'liyorum.


    dear agluna,

    thanks for your interest in the total uk family. please note that your resume has been evaluated and you have been shortlisted for job interview. find attachment for more details.

    we look forward to seeing you soon.

    engr. robert hamilton,
    for dr.daniel bouton phd
    total oil uk

    ek 1

    this is to inform you that after proper review of your resume on your job search with
    total oil and gas, our screening and recruiting board has found you eligible for this
    vacant position and as such have by this letter invited you for a face-to-face interview in
    order to satisfy our conscience before issuing an appointment letter.
    please find some useful information that will help you in preparation of the interview;
    batch no: 676/total/17/11/ldn
    date of interview: friday, 13th january 2012
    time of interview: 09.25am (gmt)
    venue of interview: conference hall of total oil and gas, london.
    40, clarendon rd, watford, hertfordshire wd17 1tq, united kingdom
    please note that our official travelling consultant will be handling your travel needs. you
    will need to contact them as soon as possible so that they can start processing your
    accommodation and air-fare ticket and other immigration documents such as your visa
    if needed. please note that you will be responsible for your travel expenses which will be
    made through our travel agency and also note that all travel expenses made through our
    travel agency will be refunded to you on arrival. this reason for this is to have a
    confirmation of the number of person that will be coming for the interview.
    you are to contact the travel consultant immediately with these details below:
    cross tours and travel consultant
    contact person: nelson podolski (mr)
    245-246 hans stridden street, london, eh2 2, united kingdom
    direct line: + (44)703-174-3954
    fax: +44(0)844-774-3926
    email: enquiry@crosstourstraveluk.com
    email: reservation@crosstourstraveluk.com
    please note that a confirmation should be sent via email informing of us of your contact
    with the travel consultant and your availability for the interview as stated at the above
    we look forward to seeing you in london soon.
    best regards,

    letter of invitation

    we are happy to inform you that you have been short listed for an interview with
    total oil and gas, london. the entire family wishes to invite you to our faceto-
    face interview which will take place on 13th january 2012 at the conference
    center of total oil and gas company. details of job description will be found
    in other attached document.
    we look forward to seeing soon.

    job specification

    1.0. introduction
    total oil and gas company has the mandate to procure international technical and
    expertise labour to complement local and international personnel in various fields of
    specialization in relation to the company’s functional areas. total oil and gas have
    been finding and producing oil and gas around the world for over a century. today,
    we have interests in exploration and production ventures in more than 39 countries
    and employ approximately 19,000 staff (not including contractors).
    this is a technically challenging work environment characterized by a continuing
    need for research, the pursuit of new technology, and the adoption of new ways of
    working. it demands people who will thrive in a culture that encourages and rewards
    innovation, collaboration and the ability to learn from success as well as failure.
    total oil and gas company having gone through the curriculum vitae/resume of
    contacted expatriates recommended for specified positions has found you qualified
    and consequently seek to employ your services as an international staff and by this
    you have been invited for an interview.
    2.0. job title:
    project manager (ii) #210114
    2.1. job role
    • * manage the project taking into account integration across all areas.
    • * engage with stakeholders.
    • * develop project plan.
    • * direct project resources.
    • * monitor and manage the project schedule.
    • * monitor and manage the project budget.
    • * monitor and manage the project risk.
    • * deal with operational issues.
    • * organise steering committee meetings, including ensuring that minutes will
    be taken.
    • * report to the steering committee, raising strategic issues.
    • * prepare project status reports and project change requests for the
    steering committee.
    • * ensure project meets requirements and objectives.
    • * manage project team members.
    • * negotiate and resolve issues as they arise across areas of the project and
    where they impact on other activities, systems and projects.
    • * look after the interests of the project team.
    • * organise and chair project reference group meetings, as appropriate.
    • * communicate project status to project sponsor, all team members, and
    other relevant stakeholders and involved parties.
    • * maintain project documentation.
    3.0. job location: flexible, dubai and turkey (further information will be
    issued after the interview).
    4.0. work periods:
    mondays through fridays, time: 09.00gmt to 16.00gmt with break period between
    12.00gmt and 13.00gmt. expatriates are entitled to a one (1) month paid home
    leave every twelve (12) months.
    5.1. basic salary: attractive ( this is will be disclosed after interview).
    5.2. allowances: hazard/inconveniences allowance is 10% of basic salary.
    entertainment allowance is 5% of basic salary. all allowances are paid weekly and
    locally in pounds equivalent at the existing exchange rates.
    5.3. paid home leave: all expatriates are entitled to a one (1) month paid home
    leave, which can be taken once at a time. all expatriates shall be entitled to a leave
    allowance (in pound) of an additional 100% of their basic salary. all expatriates are
    entitled to free to and fro tickets to cover the span of their home leave.
    6.0. safety and security: safety and security of personnel (local/foreign) and
    facilities on job locations and communities are no small issue, and have been
    seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations. all operations on job
    location are designed to adhere strictly to the health safety and environment (hse)
    policy as applicable in the oil and gas sector. all expatriates are entitled to a free
    and mandatory safety courses on job locations to be delivered by qualified safety
    and environment experts. all safety wears shall be provided by the company at job
    locations e.g. safety coveralls, gloves, goggles, helmet and safety shoes etc. as
    applicable in the oil and gas sector.
    7.0. medical health service and insurance:
    all expatriates shall be entitled to a comprehensive health care service, which are to
    be administered by medical experts on job locations through the company medical
    facility. in a case of emergency situation, an expatriate will be flown to his home
    country or any location suitable for the best medical attention. this decision can be
    influenced by the findings of the company's medical experts, unless the expatriate in
    question states otherwise.
    after three (3) months of service all expatriates will be entitled to a health service
    insurance plan (hsip) for their family. the health service insurance plan is designed
    to cover only three (3) members of their family. the health service insurance plan
    (hsip) allowance can also be paid to the expatriates at the rate of £500.00 per
    family member per month (£1500.00 per month) which can be transferred on
    monthly basis without being subjected to tax.
    8.0. feeding and accommodation: accommodation shall be provided for all
    expatriates in the company’s ultra-modern expatriate staff quarters. all cuisine
    (intercontinental/continental) will be provided by the company through the services
    of a three star hotel. choice of cuisine will be made by expatriates at all times.
    9.0. transportation: an official bus shall be provided on 24-hour daily basis to all
    expatriate for local transportation. all expatriates will also be allocated a private
    vehicle each. a round trip flight ticket to cover the span of your contract engagement
    will be provided and delivered to you on the completion of your relevant travel
    documents and immigration particulars.
    10.0. additional services: recreational/sports facilities shall be made available at
    the disposal of all expatriates with no expenses to be incurred. laundry and dry
    cleaning service will be made available to all expatriates by the company’s laundry
    and dry cleaning unit.
    11.0. telecommunications and internet facilities: there are standard
    telecommunication facilities and internet services at the disposal of all expatriates,
    and it shall be accessible to all personnel (local/foreign) without any charge or
    expenses to be incurred. cellular phones can be obtained by expatriates from the
    local dealers/service providers, but must be used in accordance with the safety
    regulations on job locations. every expatriate is entitled to £100 per week as calling
    card allowance.
    12.0. family status arrangement: family status arrangements can only be
    applied for after at least three (3) months in employment, effective from the date
    that employee arrive at job location. the application of family status arrangement
    indicates that an expatriate will be entitled to a free visa and airfare for his wife or
    spouse and two family members, which is to be provided by the company
    through the travelling agency/consultant.
    expatriates who intend to travel with their wife/spouse and family members within
    the first three (3) months of contract engagement will have the cost of visa and air
    fare being borne by them without refund from total oil and gas company.
    13.0. points to note:
    * two wards of expatriates are entitled to total oil and gas company education
    * a welcome party on arrival is designed to propagate a cordial relationship between
    expatriates and firm as well as the organizational structure with respect to the
    project scope.
    *interviews are also designed to ascertain claims of working experience. should any
    claim be found wanting the affected expatriate may be deported and such done in
    conformity with the legal provision. among reasons for interview on arrival is to
    establish expatriates area of interest considering the work scope in order to facilitate
    an efficient division of labour on job locations with respect to the organization
    all wages and allowances will be converted to the equivalence of the currency of your
    country of primary assignment.
    *with respect to the expected timeline of work take-off, total oil and gas company
    has mandated a reliable travel agency based on your choice of travel documentation
    to ensure the processing of all travelling document/immigration particulars.
    if the conditions stated above are acceptable to you, you are hereby directed to
    contact the designated travel consultant (with your contact information) so that they
    can start the processing of your relevant documents/immigration particulars to
    facilitate your travel for commencement of work immediately.
    the travel consultant has also been informed in this regard; your present location
    and a daytime telephone number would also be required for the sake of efficient
    correspondence. they will render all services and assistance possible to facilitate
    your travelling for commencement of work at the stipulated time. they have assured
    procurement of expatriate visa, work permit and airfare ticket at the shortest time
    frame. we have informed them of your resumption date, so we expect them to finish
    preparing your papers a week before the stipulated date.
    human resources department
    dr. daniel bouton phd
  • benim de başıma gelen ve araştırmacılığım sayesinde keşfettiğim dolandırıcılık olayıdır. linkedin gibi güvenilir olduğunu düşündüğünüz bir yerden başvurunca başta aklınıza böyle şeyler gelmiyor tabi. ayrıca adamlar o kadar profesyonel çalışıyorlar ki gelen mektup ve gönderilen eklere inanmamak mümkün değil. ama bir anda 'shortlist' e kalmak ve pozisyon türkiye'de olmasına rağmen türkiye ayağının elemeyi yapmayıp daha ilk görüşmede merkeze çağrılmak ilginç bir durum. böyle olunca bu tarz işleri bir bilene danışmalı diyerek ağabeyim ile görüştüm. o da aynı sektörde farklı bir firmada çalışan arkadaşıyla görüşüp inceledi. ama onlar da farkedemedi ki neredeyse tuzağa düşüyorduk. ama allah'tan içimdeki kuşku ve başından beri işkillenen annemin söyledikleri sayesinde (bkz: anne öngörüsü) (bkz: annelerin haklı çıkması) (bkz: annenin dediğine gelmek) aklımıza total türkiye ile irtibata geçmek geldi ve olayın yalan olduğunu öğrendik.

    sonrasında zaten internetten biraz araştırma yapınca dünya çapında bir dolandırıcılıkla karşı karşıya olduğunuzu anlıyorsunuz. mektuplarda sadece pozisyon ve seyahat acentesi adı farklı ama ifadeler aynı. olay iş arayışında olan insanların umutlarıyla oynanması açısından gerçekten çok can sıkıcı ve insana kendini salak gibi hissettiriyor. ne diyeyim, allah böyle şeylerden korusun herkesi.
  • bugün bana da uğramışlardır kendileri... ilk iş internette konuyu aratınca foyası çıktı tabii... bir an gerçekten ümitlendirebiliyor. iyi ki google'a sorabiliyoruz, gerçi moneygram'e gelince muhtemelen anlardım ama şu an ufak da olsa ümitlenmiş olmam sinirimi bozuyor.
  • gercekten alkışı hakeden bir ibnelik söz konusu olan tekliftir. bu itler gercekten isi bilen adamlar. cumleler, şartlar vs. efsane derecede gercekcidir. gonderdikleri davet mektubu ile vize bile alabilecegimi dusunuyorum. fakat kendileriyle biraz eglenmek farzdır. keza bu allahsızlar bana gorusmemize istinaden 80,000 pound ile 240,000 pound arası bir yıllık gelir tanımlayacaklarını belirtmişlerdir davet mektuplarında. google'da yaptığım "project manager (ıı) #210114" araması ve karşılaştığım http://www.complaintsboard.com/…dshire-c442638.html totaldeki kisa ve fake kariyerimi bitirmiştir.
  • total'de pompacılık bekleyenleri pompalamayı düşünen sahtekarların attığı yemdir.
  • az önce nabzımı 300 lere çıkartan mailin konusu. scam olduğunu anlayana kadar geçen 5 dakikada bana yaptırdıkları;

    - uçakta büyük bir trading firmasının müdürüyle kart alışverişi
    - otele yerleştikten sonra lobide içilen bir kadeh lagavullin
    - ertesi gün iş görüşmesinde insanları öyle bir etkilemem ki türkiye'ye bakış açılarının değişmesi
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    - ertesi gün efsanevi bir english breakfast sonrası yapılan londra turu ve alışveriş
    - dönüş uçağında işyerinde beni haksızlığa uğratanlara yapılacak giderin provası

    bütün bunları yazınca şimdi aklıma geldi, benim gibi bir megalomanı ne yapsın total*
  • beni en başta oldukça heyecanlandıran iş teklifi olmuştur. br süre ilanı inceleyip, acaba çağırdıkları tarihe kadar vize yetişir mi yetişmez mi diye düşüncelere dalarken, bir anda aklıma geldi, beni çağıran kişiyi google'da aratiyim, linkedin profiline bakayım diye. iyi ki bakmışım ki heyecanım kısa sürdü. daniel mcbrynt adlı abimizin adı hep özlü sözlü maillerde geçiyor. bir dolu insan job scam, fake offer yazınca jeton hemen düştü tabi.

    gerçekten helal olsun, invitation letter, job description ve interview detail için 3 ayrı pdf yollamışlar. herşey oldukça gerçekçi görünüyor. yetenekli dolandırıcılık böyle olsa gerek. travel agency iin adres yollamışlar, ben de bana mail atana ve travel agency'ye mail attım, hesap numaramı vereyim bana tüm masrafların parasını yollayın diye.

    ne cevap gelecek heyecanla bekliyoruz. ha bir de eşime haber verdim durumu ki sevinçten, ya biri acayip taşak geçiyor sanki çok iyi demiştim. kalifiye orospu çocukluğu bunların yaptığı oluyor. respect!
  • geçtiğimiz günlerde şahsımın da hayalleriyle oynamış kaliteli dolandırıcılıktır. linkedinde total adına açılan ilana başvuru akabinde mail adresine düşen aşırı kaliteli sunum, vize davet mektubu ve iş tanımı sonrası 1 gün boyunca hayaller kurdurmuştur.
    bunca sene dolandırılan insanların nasıl kandıklarına hayret ederdim. şimdi hepsini anlıyorum.
    son dakikada görüşme yapacağım kişiyi araştırmasaydım şimdi yaklaşık 1000 pound içerideydim.
    (bkz: daniel mcbrynt)
  • bugün de beni bulan sahte iş teklifi. bir de zaten linked'inde bir ilana başvurmuş olduğum için ilk başta hiç şüphelenmedim.

    neyse ki londra'da yaşayan bir arkadaşım "belki tanıdık çıkar, dur şu maildeki adamı bir araştıralım" dedi de 1,5 saatlik bir heyecan dalgasının ardından kıyıya vurduk.

    allah kahretsin sizi, duygu tacirleri! :''(