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  • bir kısım değişkeni başka bir kısım değişkene çevirmeye yarayan fonksiyonlardır. bir kitaptan alıntı:

    transforms are a direct extension of this, allowing both the input and output to
    have multiple values. suppose you have a signal composed of 100 samples.
    if you devise some equation, algorithm, or procedure for changing these 100
    samples into another 100 samples, you have yourself a transform. if you think
    it is useful enough, you have the perfect right to attach your last name to it and
    expound its merits to your colleagues. (this works best if you are an eminent
    18th century french mathematician).

    the scientist & engineer's guide to digital signal processing, steven w. smith
    (alıntının ait olduğu kitabın bilgilerini sağladığı için petrucciye teşekkür ederim.)