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    leonard cohen on moonlight

    şiiri de bırakıyorum aşağıya,

    two went to sleep

    almost every night

    one dreamed of mud

    one dreamed of asia

    visiting a zeppelin

    visiting nijinsky

    two went to sleep

    one dreamed of ribs

    one dreamed of senators

    two went to sleep

    two travellers

    the long marriage

    in the dark

    the sleep was old

    the travellers were old

    one dreamed of oranges

    one dreamed of carthage

    two friends asleep

    years locked in travel

    good night my darling

    as the dreams waved goodbye

    one travelled lightly

    one walked through water

    visiting a chess game

    visiting a booth

    always returning

    to wait out the day

    one carried matches

    one climbed a beehive

    one sold an earphone

    one shot a german

    two went to sleep

    every sleep went together

    wandering away

    from an operating table

    one dreamed of grass

    one dreamed of spokes

    one bargained nicely

    one was a snowman

    one counted medicine

    one tasted pencils

    one was a child

    one was a traitor

    visiting heavy industry

    visiting the family

    two went to sleep

    none could foretell

    one went with baskets

    one took a ledger

    one night happy

    one night in terror

    love could not bind them

    fear could not either

    they went unconnected

    they never knew where

    always returning

    to wait out the day

    parting with kissing

    parting with yawns

    visiting death till

    they wore out their welcome

    visiting death till

    the right disguise worked.