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  • (bkz: dj spooky)
  • ...ve albüme adını veren şarkı.

    shall i wake or shall i sleep?
    with dreams so warm so soft so deep.
    a never ending tale enhanced.
    a never ending thought...
    its... entranced...!!

    take from me. what you need.
    take my heart my soul my seed.
    a lasting presence inside my mind.
    at last a presence, a contract signed.

    turned my back, when i first saw you.
    turned to stone, when i ignored you!
    then something greater then my will,
    turned me round to overkill.

    from the shadows, called my name.
    from the cold in, to the flame.
    the wings around me kept me warm.
    through hollow eyes i was reborn.

    all around me once dispised,
    could see the world now...
    through his eyes!
    a people lead by blind ambition.
    signed on for life, into submission.

    hear me...
    i hear your call!
    i'd give it all.
    if all my dreams come to life.
    hear me...
    i hear your call!
    i'd give it all.
    if all my fears come to light.

    shall i wake or shall i dream?
    shall i become just what it seems,
    a never ending tale fulfilled,
    a never ending overkill!!!

    to see to taste, to touch the world
    in jaded glory. danced and whirled!
    to see it happen, as was told.
    as new beginnings, now unfold.
    light the sky, the glow above.
    see the bat, eat the dove!
    another stage, completed mission.
    signed on for life into submission.
  • chemical brothers parcasi, 1999 tarihli surrender'dan. big beat'in alasi.. neyin influence'i, allah bilir..
  • matthew good band'in audio of being albumunden.

    dreamed i was a pigeon
    slipping through the heavens like a 747
    everyone left down below
    locked in a house of my invention
    learning the don'ts of fire prevention
    if i roast marshmallows over their bodies
    do you think god will still find their souls?

    just want to be like we used to
    under the influence
    just want to see like we used to
    under the influence

    i dreamed i was a white tip slipping through the pacific
    my heart for a shipwreck and your legs left down below
    some things they come, all things they go
    and there ain't nothing like exploding
    if you've got something to explode
  • geçen kasım ayı sonunda, paul weller adına piyasaya sürülen, morrissey için bahsedilen çalışmanın bir benzeri.. kapağında ve içinde modfather'ın her zaman olduğu gibi çok şık fotoğraflarını barındıran albüm. tracklist'i şu şekilde:

    1. little richard - slippin and slidin'
    2. the headhunters - god made me funky
    3. ritchie havens - handouts in the rain
    4. d'angelo - devils pie
    5. charles mingus - passions of a man
    6. the casuals - jesamine
    7. the winstons - colour him father
    8. john holt - ali baba
    9. funkdoobiest - doobie to the head
    10. marvin gaye - pretty little baby
    11. blind boys of alabama - jesus gonna be here
    12. the kinks - big black smoke
    13. 5 stairsteps - we must be in love
    14. the wailers - small axe
    15. big youth - hit the road jack
    16. john coltrane - ole
  • zihninin bile getirtmeye pek yanaşmadığı albüm.. (serinin morrissey’in seçtiği kayıtlardan oluşan ayağı oluyor bu) garip ama morrissey’i etkileyen müzikleri de müzisyenleri de moz-severler bile çok merak etmiyor galiba (bkz: elcka)
  • birçoklarını etkileyenlerin sevdikleri, etkilendikleri. mozunki tadından yenmez.
    (bkz: carl barat/@talkingheads)