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  • ingilizce "dokunulmaz"... aynı zamanda beautiful garbage albümünden taptaze, dumanı üstünde bir garbage şarkısı.
  • (bkz: untouchables)
  • eski bir rialto şarkısı.
  • (bkz: garbage)

    this is nothing new to me
    it takes more than what you got
    to frighten me
    i'm not scared of you
    there's nothing you can do
    or take from me

    you think you're untouchable
    you know
    no one's untouchable

    you're bound to lose the game
    there's no one else to blame
    you play so safe
    and you're not risking enough
    you are doomed to be undone
    i swear i'll be the one
    to bring you down
    it's all your fault
    cause you got caught

    it must be nice
    to be so sure
    and never feel insecure
    it must feel good to believe
    you're always right
    and you're never wrong

    you've got something to say
    you say it to my face
    and be a man about it
    you got a problem with me
    don't go behind my back
    just like a baby

    pride comes before you take a fall
    you'd best beware a woman scorned
    cause no one's untouchable
  • (bkz: unloveable)
  • garbage 'ın you can look but you can't touch (bkz: i think i m paranoid) repliğiyle çelişen $arkısı.
  • rialto'nun güzel bir şarkısı.

    if you were an angel
    i would cut off your wings
    to keep you with me
    i would do anything
    like broken bottles that slip
    from drunken hands
    i’ve watched my star falling
    and shatter on the ground
    first you wash your hair
    then you wash your hands
    oh yeah, i think i understand...

    if i’m not fit to even crawl
    if i’m too sick
    i’ll soak my skin in alcohol
    until i feel untouchable.

    i blew my chances
    as you blow-dried your hair;
    i thought of my answers
    as you walked down the stairs
    d’you think i’d defile you
    if you were to get too close
    d’you think i’d infect you?
    i’d give you a dose?

    first you wash your hair
    then you wash your hands;
    oh yeah, i think i understand...

    i’ll drink until my skin is full
    and i will be untouchable...

    if i’m not fit to even crawl
    if i’m too sick,
    i’ll soak my skin in alcohol,
    and i will feel untouchable.

  • hanin elias in derinin altina fazlaca nüfuz eden eden sarkisi :

    long time ago , ages and generations
    it took us to grow and i saw , we're all the same
    in our breed, there is a thing
    it turns me into a creature
    that doesn't feel at all
    after dissapointments
    you forced me to feel like you do
    to see things like you do
    now i'm untouchable
    nothing seems to find me
    'cause i'm untouchable...
    evertime i see you i feel untouchable
    blood is thick it seems like a curse
    you showed me the world with your eyes
    and broke my heart broke my mind
    it's time to stop the fatal line
    line of the times that leads through our veins
    the structure i call home is what you gave
    the strange kind of love
    fulfill the prophecy...
    impossible to stay with someone like you
    hate and fear , lust and tears
    now i see , it all comes clear
    nothing ever finds me
    'cause i'm untouchable
    untouchable i'm well protected
    nothing ever harmed me
    'cause i'm untouchable
  • aşınmalar hırpalanmalar sonrası kabuk bağlayıp evrimleşip eskisinden daha güçlü olunduğunda aslında insanın içinde birşeyler ölüyor; hissizleşme başlıyor.. untouchable hanin elias ın future noir albümünn en sevdiğim parçasıdır benim o drum beat ritmler hücre hücre hissedilir.. bir de herşeyden arınmış hanin ve piyano versiyonu var ki yerdeki siyah yığının içinden doğan bir yaşam imgeleri getiriyor gözümün önüne..