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  • pennywise unknown road albümü 7. parçasi
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    you never listen you never know
    never the leader you always follow
    cause it's you doing it
    you say that it's alright
    to your self you're lying
    i don't wanna see you dying
    before you know it you're all alone
    your can is empty
    you feel such sorrow
    you think that using
    all your best friends is alright
    to yourself you're lyin'
    can't you see it can't you feel that your
    vices are ruining your life and on and on,
    your vices are ruining your life your mind
    your vices are ruining your life
    why can't you stop that vice
    from ending your life
    you're always missing
    you're always slow
    used to be so deep
    now you're so shallow
    another friend out there
    no i don't think it's right
    your soul is frying
    can't you hear your mother crying
    take your medicine
    thru your nose
    fine today but what about tomorrow
    say it does not control you
    but think i might
    you've hit rock bottom
    can't you see it can't you see that
    you're telling lies
    and for help you are crying
    i keep on knocking
    but there's nobody home
    you're telling lies, living high,
    now you're dying
    if you want somebody's help
    why don't you answer the door.
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