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  • (bkz: viyana)
  • monusu zengin bir ultravox albumu.. tam seksenler virajinda.. ama viyana nere, britanya nere, diye de sorarlar adama..
  • (bkz: vienetta)
  • aritmi yazmış, olay değinmiş, ben* de sözlerini vereyim...*

    we walked in the cold air.
    freezing breath on a window pane,
    lying and waiting.
    the man in the dark in a picture frame,
    so mystic and soulful.
    a voice reaching out in a piercing cry,
    it stays with you until

    the feeling has gone only you and i.
    it means nothing to me.
    this means nothing to me.

    the music is weaving
    haunting notes, pizzicato strings,
    the rhythm is calling.
    alone in the night as the daylight brings,
    a cool empty silence.
    the warmth of your hand and a cold grey sky,
    it fades to the distance.

    the image has gone only you and i.
    it means nothing to me.
    this means nothing to me.

    this means nothing to me.
    this means nothing to me.
  • trans siberian orchestra'nın 2000 yılında çıkan beethovens last night albümünden young beethoven rolündeki guy lemonnier'in seslendirdiği parça...

    since i was a child
    i've seen her in a dream
    a captured fairy tale
    that echoes cross my life

    and though i've courted her
    she's always stayed unseen
    now all at once she
    glitters in the night

    but that was yesterday
    and that all was before
    when she was far away
    a silhouette of dreams

    but others whispered
    that she was so much more
    and suddenly i now
    know what they mean

    dreams change
    years strain
    lost illusions
    last stands
    god's hand

    fairy tale sins
    visions by grimm
    all forgiven
    lives spent in vain
    never reclaimed
    take their final bows

    pictures and words
    visions absurd
    maddened poets
    all within sight
    failures in life
    who'll never know it
    lazarus cries
    there in his eyes
    hope has risen
    depth and facade
    all before me now
  • 1980 tarihli, new wave'in baş yapıtlarından biri sayılan aynı adlı albümden harika bir şarkı. vokaller john foxx'a değil, midge ure'a aittir.
  • gregorianın bir albümünde güzel sayılabilcek bir şekilde coverladığı ultravox şarkısı.
  • (bkz: nienna)*
  • ingilizce ve italyanca viyana.