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  • eminemim bir parçası...sözleri de şöyledir*

    def squad, j. bleezy!
    ha, com-bust-ya-ble, huh.. (aowwwww!)

    [verse one]
    it's erick, i'm back again, full fledged
    american flag in here so y'all pledge
    a few of y'all sold some albums, yeah congrats
    the game in trouble, i must rescue rap
    yo, i'm a hero! sometimes
    i feel the same way like the folks involved with ground zero
    and somebody owe me boy, i'm dead serious
    this year my squad better blow to oblivious
    yo, did you lose weight? yeah, i got stamina
    profile me like this and hold the camera
    i'm alone, so what y'all want do?
    take over your faciliy like i'm +john q+
    i rock mics, i chris rock, i kid rock
    i rock the house, like i'm run!!
    rap conniseur, i rock sean john velour
    b-boy stance and that's hardcore
    e-dub, real name, no gimmicks
    your style is over, finito, finished!
    you a parasite, type lyrical germ
    you a sucker mc in layman terms, and

    [chorus 2x: def squad]
    we don't care nuttin bout you!
    yeah, we don't care, we come up in the spot sayin oh yeah
    oh yeah, throw your hands in the air
    oh yeah, cause

    [verse two]
    yeah, i got a track record, i spit fouls
    e don't stop, keep it grinding (grind-ing!) puts it down fo' sho'
    my figgedy flow is sick siggedy yo
    watch me biggedy blow, and y'all niggedy know
    it's def squeezy, thirteen years in rap
    and now it's easy, i do things to please me
    yo - i come through so crazy
    i'm a "stun'na," like m. fresh and baby
    got more toys than kay*bee, me and my yung'uns
    "slow down," before you receive a summons
    and get hit for speeding; i break a switch off a tree
    you catch a beating for y'all misleading (yeah!)
    shame on you, when you step to, huh
    the green eyed bandit, smile you on candid
    rob j. timberlake, i got janet
    i'm "in control" now - ohh wow!
    yeah cause that's how it is, and that's how i'm livin
    i bring turmoil like mike and robin givens
    and watch me go off a-go off
    a yes yes y'all, and show off and show off, and yes


    [verse three]
    sermon, the word i preach to ya
    control the airwaves so it can reach to ya
    the underground of rap ring, i'm david tua
    the one round knockout, your eyeballs pop out
    high school dropout, i'm not gon' cop out
    i did the rhymin thing and now a truck i hop out
    "fiesta," i'm down with r. kelly shit
    i'm "supa dupa fly," missy elliott
    i stay focused, keep the same cycle
    do me, proceed to rock the world like michael
    without chris tucker, with no marlon brando
    just give enough for j-lo to handle
    so scream at me, holla, smoke signals
    morse code, try a 2-way, or telephone
    and i give it to ya, all day in street
    two turntables a mic and breakbeat, cause


    you got about five seconds to get to the dance floor!
    {*barking*} you got about, two more seconds to get to the dance floor..
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  • there's things i haven't told you
    i go out late at night
    and if i was to tell you
    you'd see my different side

    (bkz: what the fuck)
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  • kanye west'in college dropout albümünden bir sarki:

    oh yeah, i got the perfect song for the kids to sing
    and all my people that's

    [chorus (kanye 1-2, 4-7)]
    [1] drug dealin' just to get by
    [2] stackin' money 'till it get sky high
    [3] (kids, sing. kids, sing)
    [4] we wasn't supposed to make it past 25
    [5] joke's on you, we still alive
    [6] throw your hands up in the sky and yell
    [7] we don't care what people say

    [verse 1]
    if this is your first time hearin' this
    you are about to experience something so cold, man
    we never had nothin' handed
    took nothin' for granted
    took nothin' from no man
    man i'm my own man
    but as a shorty i looked up to the dope man
    only adult man i knew that wasn't broke, man
    flickin' starter coats, man
    man you don't know, man
    we don't care what people say

    this is for my niggas outside all winter
    'cause this summer they ain't finna'
    say next summer i'm finna'
    sittin' in the hood like community colleges
    this dope money here is little tre's scholarship
    'cause ain't no tuition for having no ambition
    and ain't no loans for sittin' your ass at home
    so we forced to sell crack, rap, and get a job
    you gotta do somethin' man, your ass is grown

    [chorus (kanye 1-3, kids 4-6)]

    [verse 2]
    the second verse is for my dawgs workin 9 to 5
    that still hustle 'cause a nigga can't shine off $6.55
    and everybody selling makeup, jacob's
    and bootlegged tapes just to get they cake up
    we put shit on layaway, then come back
    we claim other people kids on our income tax
    we take that money, cop work, then push packs to get paid
    and we don't care what people say
    momma say she wanna move south
    scratchin' lottery tickets, eyes on a new house
    'round the same time, doe ran up in dude house
    couldn't get a job, so since he couldn't get work
    he figured he'd take work
    the drug game bulimic, it's hard to get weight
    a nigga's money is homo, it's hard to get straight
    but we gon' keep bakin' 'till the day we get cake
    and we don't care what people say
    my niggas

    [chorus (kids 1-2, 4-6; kanye 3)]

    [verse 3]
    you know the kids gon' act a fool
    when you stop the programs for after school
    and they dcfs, some of em dyslexic
    they favorite 50-cent song +12 questions+
    we scream, rock, blows, weed, park
    see now we smart
    we ain't retards, the way teachers starve
    hold up, hold fast. we make more cash
    now tell my momma i belong in that slow class
    bad enough we on welfare
    they tryin to put me on the school bus with the space for the wheelchair
    i'm trying to get the car with the chromie wheels here
    they trying to cut our lights out like we don't live here
    look what was handed us
    fathers abandoned us
    when we get them hammers, go on call the ambulance
    sometimes i feel no one in this world understands us
    but we don't care what people say
    my niggas

    [chorus (kids 1-2, 4-6; kanye 3)]