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  • moonlight shadow'da mike oldfield'a vokaliyle eşlik eden maggie reilly'nin "duru" şarkısı...

    sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun:

    we walk in forest green
    the grass is soft and clean
    the sun up in the sky
    a perfect day
    our air is clear and sweet
    our earth is so complete
    a cradle filled with life
    so warm and wonderful

    what about tomorrow's children
    what about the world they life in
    what about the way we live today
    tell me
    what about tommorow's children
    we can do a lot to help them
    and love tomorrow's child today

    the game is called consume
    our path it leads to doom
    bridges being burned along the way
    the child that's never seen
    a river running clean
    connot imagine spring
    so green and beautiful


    we can turn the world around
    we can show the way
    and change the way we life today