şükela:  tümü | bugün
  • ing. "-nedir doktor? neyim var benim, olecek miyim?" (hemen tedavi sonrasinda)
  • ing. ne haber?
  • sevilen bir bugs bunny repliğidir.
  • adi whats up.doc olan bir word* dosyasi.
  • başka bir deyiş tarzı "wassup doc" olabilen psikiatrist ile muhatap olunduğunun belirgesi bugs bunnynin onu avlayan huzursuz adamla dalga geçme şekli. *
  • the shining de kucuk danny'nin cagarilma bicimi
  • bugs bunny repligiyse "naber arkidi$" olarak cevrilir genelde.
  • (bkz: redman)
  • en güzel çevirisi "naaber cnım" şeklinde kanal dee'de yapılmış bugs bunny repliği.
  • çook eğlenceli bir şarkı.

    can we rock olarak da biliniyor.

    shaquille o'neal - fu-schnickens yapımı
    shaq diesel den.

    sözlerinden de bir halt anlamıyorum gerçi ama...
    sözler şöyle imiş, ne işe yarayacaksa:
    can we rock?
    yeah, what's up doc?
    can we rock?
    what's up doc? *

    cha cha cha cha cha*
    what's up pa, yo who poop? *
    your ma dukes or pa dukes?
    there's two scoops a raisin in the sun
    brothers try to rally up, then dilly dally for some room
    bird peckin', doulbe deckin', rubber neckin' in my tomb
    check it out yo, i smile like groucho marx
    i make a joke, hokey pokey, and slide by like egg yolk
    play me like a punk like penguin and the joker
    snoopin' in my biz like tom and roxie roker
    so bust the freaky freaky freaky ways
    the brothers with the asian guise making g's
    and now we're sellin' records overseas
    holy smokes, oops, your whole plan goofed up
    now you get kicks, 'nough licks, plus cuffed up
    'cause you can catch a quick drop for tryin' to take the schnicks' props
    so tick tock around the clock and shock while we lick shots
    (boom!) * for goodness sakes the stakes are high
    i'm out (you out?)
    ya, bye

    i thought i saw a putty cat, i did
    i did the humpty dumpty bashful grumpy quaker nabisco crisco kid
    'cause my style's figaro figaro figaro figaro like pinochio's
    big digital underground humpty dumpty camel hump nose
    so play dosey doe, sufferin' sucotash my mistletoe is gone
    snow white is after my seven dwarves, my styles, and after me lucky charms
    so leapin' leprechauns, be glad i'm pushin' my pedal to the metal
    i'm rugged and rough for cocoa puffs, and yes, i love my fruity pebbles
    so howdy, my partner, i starts to get meaner
    so ask bob for hope, nope, not mr. bob dobailina
    oh were has my mic gone? tell me, have you seen her?
    i stretch like a condom and gets plump like a weiner
    or a sasuage, but of course it's, time for chip to wreck it
    but before my intro i gots to check it
    so who is the nicest in your neighborhood?
    lyrics are merry, merry, quite contrary, and captain crunch berry good
    so rah rah, sis boom bah
    chip fu is coming again, give thanks and praises to jah
    my lyrics are smooth like the head on terry savalas
    my tounge starts to quicken like speedy gonzales
    take up your pen, your pad, your lyrical bag and run go whole a fresh
    touche pussy cat, put down that mic 'cause you can't rap
    'cause i'm dip-dip-divin', so socializin'
    clean out your ears, yes, and open up your eyes and
    i kick like bruce lee and jean claude van damme
    so dunna nana nana nana nana nana, batman!
    i hip-hop, hop-hop
    don't-don't, stop-stop*
    i'm harder than a flinstone and much bigger than a chub rock
    our types of lyrical styles? yes the schnickens can pick 'em
    i burp, stick 'em, ha ha ha, stick 'em

    rippin' the program, slow man, hot damn
    i grand slam, swingin' things again and again (whoo)
    golly ha-chooey, macho like roscoe
    randy savage manwitch, swingin' the ding-a-ling with damage
    pauish not antoinish nor monetego
    spanish like que for the nine two lingo
    next, a new hex, commentators stand aside
    stringin' emcees like a bikini or panty line (ha ha)
    nut you might bust, but you can't even come right
    spite the strokin' or hopin' or pullin' a peace pipe
    huff and puff so what the fuck is happening?
    on the lyrical, miracle, spirutal
    but everybody's rockin'
    flip a new hit, catch wreck to the nine ship
    equipped, never slip with tounge twister
    all my styles that's buckwild
    no fake rap, i push pounds
    i flip mad scripts and hips, i hit
    so bring the goya oh boy-ah, as i say hasta manana
    soft and chewy honky kong fooey, reggae not rasta tough stuff
    can i rock?

    i'm the hooper, the hyper
    protected by viper
    when i rock the hoop yo, you'd better decipher
    in other words you'd better make a funky decision (whoo)
    'cause i'm a be a shaq knife, and cut you with precision
    forget tony danza, i'm the boss
    when it comes to money, i'm like dick butkas
    now who's the first pick? me, word is born and
    not a christean laettner, not alonzo mourning
    that's okay, not being bragadocious
    supercalifragelistic, shaq is alidocious
    peace, i gotta go, i ain't no joke
    now i slam it (what?) jam it (unh)
    and make sure it's broke

    edit: sözleri okudum da, her bir ıkınma sesini metne yansıtmış olan lyricsuniverse çalışanlarına da buradan saygılarımı yolluyorum.