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  • yeni bir cypress hill sarkisi. videosunda slash gorunuyor bir ara. clashden de samplelar kullanilmis.
  • let's go

    i met her a club, her friend liked me but she didn't
    she noticed a lot of girls giving up their phone digits
    she didn't wanna be one of those hoes
    in clothes exploiting her body from head to toes
    she had glossy lips she was swaying her hips
    on the dance floor and every nigga's flashing her grip
    trying to impress her in vain she gave no play
    niggaz hit her up for numbers and she said no way
    i thought to myself let it go and roll on, b
    but like smokey said she really had a hold on me
    i couldn't stop staring i started to fantasize with her
    voices in my head said she's tantalizing ya
    even if i moved to the other side of the party
    i had pictures in my head of her moving that body
    i was beside myself with hunger pain
    so i slowly walked over and i asked her name

    what's your name, what's your number?
    i'd like to get to know you
    can we have a conversation?
    the night is young, girl give me a chance!

    she gave a smile but i got no answer though
    i took a while before she gave a chance she's acting cold
    i offered her a drink she turned me down blat
    she said if you want my name you gotta do better than that
    i said ok, now your shit don't stink
    i'ma walk away only tried to buy you a drink
    as i began to walk away she said i'm sorry for real
    but every guy in the club tried slipping me pills
    i don't trust guys each and every one will lie to you
    i said i understand but it's not what i try to do
    i wasn't even gonna come to your table
    but if i didn't i knew that i'd regret it later
    i go after what i want but i got class
    for me no need to slip a pill if i want ass
    she gave me a funny look i couldn't tell what it meant
    she let her guard down and on our conversation went

    she said i want a man with a plan and ambition
    not an immature nigga on a "pussy-hit mission"
    i'm too good for that i have so much to offer
    got a good job working at my mom and dad's law firm
    you got goals, that's what she asked
    yeah i wanna fill my home with platinum plaques
    it takes hard work but you know it's coming after
    she said 'oh my god you must be a famous rapper!'
    i do all right but i'm never satisfied
    i'm told when you still love what you do it never gets old
    i strive for more but that's enough about me
    why don't we skip out the club and take a walk on the street
    we slipped out of the club with no worries
    seems she wanted to get out in a hurry
    we hung all night till we lost our friends
    till they caught us bangin in the back of a benz
  • bu güzide eserin geri vokallerinde* tim armstrong yer almıştır.
  • cok eglenceli ve de tam anlamıyla lay lay bir sarkı. whatz ya name whatz ya numbe böyle eller iki yana sallanarak hoop..
  • zamanında black sunday albümüyle milyonların kalbini kazanan topluluk şu sıralar mtv'de boy gösteren bu şarkılarıyla a/s/l ? hadisesini bir de böyle irdeleyelim demişler..diskotekte tanıştık, işi pişirdik, mersedes'in arkasında yiyiştik gibi güzide sözleri, görülmemiş lazer gösterileri eşliğinde çığırmaları gözleri dolduruyor. şapka da olmamış hem..zibidi.
  • tiftik sacli cocukla sanki sum41'e biraz geciriyorlar gibi bir hava veren klibe sahip olan cypress sarkisi. slash'i gördük, hasret giderdik bir saniye kadar olsa da.
  • klibin bi yerinde de blink182'den travis barker görünmekte.
  • ian pooley'nin de what's your number adlı şarkısı bulunmaktadır..cypress hill'in what's your number adlı şarkısının klibi de eğlenceli olmuş,çok kısa da olsa slashi görme imkanımız olmuştur.
  • guns of brixton'un bir "cover"idir bir nevi. süper bi sarkidir, pek dans ettirir, 2004 yazinin en cok calinan sarkilarindan biridir, hatirladikca neselenilir, laylaylom.