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  • sheriff adlı grubun demirbaş balladı.
  • simple planin ilk albumu no pads no helmets just ballstaki 5. sarki

    sozlerini de yazayım tam olsun

    i'm taking my time
    i'm trying to leave the memories of you behind
    i'm gonna be fine
    as soon as i get your picture right out of my mind

    i wanna feel the way you make me feel when i'm with you
    i wanna be the only hand, you need to hold on to
    but everytime i call you don't have time
    i guess i'll never get to call you mine

    you're nothing at all, i know theres a million reasons
    why i shouldn't call
    with nothing to say, could easily make this
    conversation last all day


    another lesson i didn't get to learn
    your my obsession
    i've got nowhere to turn

    [chorus x2]