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  • george gordon byron* siiri

    when we two parted
    in silence and tears,
    half broken-hearted
    to sever for years,
    pale grew thy cheek and cold,
    colder thy kiss;
    truly that hour foretold
    sorrow to this.

    the dew of the morning
    sunk chill on my brow—
    it felt like the warning
    of what i feel now.
    thy vows are all broken,
    and light is thy fame:
    i hear thy name spoken,
    and share in its shame.

    they name thee before me,
    a knell to mine ear;
    a shudder comes o'er me—
    why wert thou so dear?
    they know not i knew thee,
    who knew thee too well:
    long, long shall i rue thee,
    too deeply to tell.

    in secret we met—
    in silence i grieve,
    that thy heart could forget,
    thy spirit deceive.
    if i should meet thee
    after long years,
    how should i greet thee?
    with silence and tears.
  • out of the night we come
    and into the night we go
    if it starts to hurt you
    then you have to say so

    (bkz: the afghan whigs)
  • başlığını lord byron'ın aynı isimli şiirinden alan bu dehşet parça, efsane the afghan whigs albümu gentlemen'ın hastalıklı greg dulli ilişkilerine adadığı parçalardan belki de en vurucusudur.

    sözleri yabıştırayım da greg dulli dehasını irdeleyelim biraz;

    baby, i see you've made yourself all sick again
    didn't i do a good job of pretending?
    you're saying that the victim doesn't want it to end
    good. i get to dress up and play the assassin again
    it's my favorite
    it's got personality
    i should have seen this shit coming down the hall
    every night i spent in that bed with you facing the wall
    if i could have only once heard you scream
    to feel you were alive
    instead of watching you abandoning yourself
    baby you can open your eyes now
    and please allow me to present you with a clue
    if i inflict the pain
    then baby only i can comfort you
    out of the night we come
    and into the night we go
    if it starts to hurt you
    then you have to say so

    byron şiiri çok yavan kaldı şimdi değil mi?