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  • shearwater'ın şiirsel şarkısı. fazlasıyla epik.

    i won't go traveling tonight
    i won't go back to the wolves, now
    there's something singing in the ice
    in the deepest part of the world
    and a film across my eyes
    as i'm watching all the waves turn white

    he took me out on the tide
    to make pearls of my eyes
    and uncover me, oh, without asking
    tore every stich, every line, every hook, every eye
    between him and the diamonds, diamonds
    i would not give, but maybe tonight i will
    with you holding my arms and my stuttering heart
    as i'm bound and flayed alive

    oh, don't go traveling tonight
    hold that child in your arms
    well, there's no more canaries in the mine
    and a cloud, black over the water
    and a voice, low in my ear
    says, "the things that we did here will never die"