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  • icy'nin delisi oldugu $arki.. (bkz: smiley koymak istiyorum)
  • this problem is insoluble
    the answers seem impossible
    the logic ceases to exit
    emotion is the beat we miss

    i stand on a world
    where dreams, realities, existence are the same
    we take from our mother's skin
    but the world is not to blame

    who tells the wind which way to blow?
    i wonder who will stop the rain
    the rocks that hold the secrets, they don't know
    so who can stop the rain?
    we've lost the path for all we know
    now tell me when will it start again?
    and as the old man lifts his hands
    please can you stop the rain

    stars fall far away
    like they never did before
    a new moon shining
    like it never will again

    desert white cloud
    spirits they sing
    rain falls from the big sky
    onto broken wing

    there is no sense in turning back
    to wash the debris from the track
    world without reason without rhyme
    we fought for peace within our time
  • karel reisz tarafindan cekilmis, 1978 yapimi bir film
  • ayni zamanda bir john fogerty sarkisi
  • ccr türküsünü smokie de yorumlamıştır cover albümünde...
  • ccr nin mükemmel şarkısı.

    long as i remember the rain been comin down.
    clouds of mystry pourin confusion on the ground.
    good men through the ages, tryin to find the sun;
    and i wonder, still i wonder, wholl stop the rain.

    ı went down virginia, seekin shelter from the storm.
    caught up in the fable, i watched the tower grow.
    five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains.
    and i wonder, still i wonder wholl stop the rain.

    heard the singers playin, how we cheered for more.
    the crowd had rushed together, tryin to keep warm.
    still the rain kept pourin, fallin on my ears.
    and i wonder, still i wonder wholl stop the rain.