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  • mark eitzel'in kalpleri mühürlediği bir american music club şarkısı, 91 tarihli everclear albümünün açılışını yapar.

    will this night fulfill all the promises
    and bury us in peace?
    will it leave us free and forgetful
    or at least bring some sleep?

    your eyes don't catch the little things
    as they narrow on your fall
    i'm checking your pulse 'cause you're so quiet
    i'm kissing you but you don't feel it

    why'd you do this to me?
    showing me all that ı'm good for
    is to watch you sleep, as lifeless as an angel
    she was the most beautiful cloud
    that ever passed before the face of a girl
    seems like nothing's too good for this life
    yeah, some things are too good for this world

    and our names and our faces
    well they're just spare change
    in memory of a soul
    who kept dropping spare change

    why won't you stay?
    why won't you stay?
    why won't you stay?
    why won't you stay?