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  • (bkz: wino forever)
  • pek güzel, çok kompak bi şeher...
    (bkz: winrar)
  • pek güzel bir drop nineteens şarkısı.

    there's a gap in the 20th century,
    and it fills the world with dreams;
    when you've got the looks then the rest just works,
    if that's what it's like.

    then hold on tight 'til you kindly believe,
    another record shop story that was born to die.
    it'll come on real, and we're losing time.

    maybe got swinged from a baby's hand,
    too young to understand
    all there is to know, to lose your soul.

    alien cracked down from planet call,
    unhappy with your bag and stars.
    they search for the one,
    then wrap her around the sun.

    you know who we are.
    we'll be as fast as a day that outside your door.
    and the one has changed forever more, with you.
    it's why ive got to know the truth.
    was it you, who sang in xanadu?

    and maybe got swinged from a baby's hand,
    we're too young to understand.
    all there is to know,
    if you're gonna lose your soul.

    guess i got my feet in the sky,
    and i wonder why,
    you'll be the one that used to go,
    i'm the only star that wants to know.
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