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  • hakkaten güzel bir agua de annique şarkısı.
    insan dinleyince, "hayır hakkaten güzel" diyebiliyor zira..

    no change no pleasure no jokes no sex
    no choice no morals no ethics no depth
    no colour no fight no freedom no life
    profound creation, temptation is swept

    i hear knocking on my door

    i wonder how it's possible
    that i just sit here in my room
    watching some tv
    thinking of nothing and nothing
    and i don't know how
    does anybody have the nerve
    to come to my door
    and sell the world of god

    i wonder what's the remedy
    and i can move on with my life
    before you people are through
    with the extinction of the universe

    you save the world from me
    i wonder who will be left over...
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