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  • (bkz: nailbomb)

    violence is what you breed
    racism is what you breed
    hate is what you breed
    what do you expect me to be ?

    peace brother, fuck you bastard
    i don't need your false friendship
    freedom is a bunch of shit
    this is world of shit

    misery is what we see
    murder is what we see
    ignorance is what we see
    what do you expect me to be ?
  • bana göre death metal tarihinin kilometre taşlarından biri olan morbid angel'ıncovenant albümünün 3. ve tüm diğer parçalar gibi yardırmasyon parçası.

    özetle parça, örgütlünmiş/siyasîleşmiş dinin ne kadar iğrenç olduğuyla ilgilidir. (sürü psikolojisine gönderme yapılır.)

    sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun:

    bred from the bowels
    sheep one and all
    bound by the doctrine of lies
    to fucked human shit, ı shout blasphemy!
    as ı make my way through to
    the promised land

    smell of shit is so foul
    writhe in disgust
    earth heaves and death comes to call
    all the waste, cling to your lie
    you are as sand and the wind blows
    my disgust, a fever
    to kill a thousand more

    gene dead from birth
    god's holy fuck
    canonized but of no use to me
    human shit, waste begone from my earth!

    desolation, no life bodies littering
    beast of earth devour!
    cleanse this world for those who deserve

    burning cities, all is well
    ı remain in my conviction
    as the waste in sewer flows through the promised land