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  • 2001 yılında piyasaya sürülen muhteşem jorn lande albümü... bu adam ne yapsa iyi yapıyor dedirten süper solo çalışma...

    jorn lande - vocals
    tore moren - guitars
    sid ringsby - bass
    jan aksel - drums

    01 - tungur knivur
    02 - sunset station
    03 - glow in the dark
    04 - house of cards
    05 - bless the child
    06 - captured
    07 - worldchanger
    08 - christine
    09 - bridges will burn

    (bkz: ark)
    (bkz: beyond twilight)
    (bkz: masterplan)
    (bkz: vagabond)
    (bkz: millennium)
  • albüme adını veren süper parça...

    lyrics: jorn lande

    earthly saviour can't you see
    bleeding is the world
    our behaviour so absurd
    need something to believe in

    world changer - soul rearranger
    you've left us broken hearted
    since the day we started
    world changer - don't be a stranger
    let your healing power show
    we've gone too far and can't let go

    in the rhythm of the heat
    feel the rush within
    day by day avoid defeat
    tell me there's a meaning

    world changer - soul rearranger
    shine your light on everyone
    make your life a happy song
    world changer - living with danger
    you know we must be strong
    our will to carry on world changer

    always the same - lust for power and gain
    poisoned by demons of hellfire
    choose a map for the road and carry the load
    hold on till the judgement day
    holy land there's blood on the sand
    imperial ages marked by the beast
    we still hold the wire
    when the line i on fire
    always get our fingers burned
    will we ever learn why
    i feel the rush within me

    world changer - soul rearranger
    been waiting for so long
    reveal yourself to everyone

    worl changer - soul rearranger
    you left me blind i cannot see