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  • bloodbath grubunun the fathomless mastery albümünde bulunan, her tarafından kalite akan riff manyağı şarkı. sözler:

    baptized in vermin
    gagging on leeches twisting in your throat
    swallow the parasite
    alive in the liquid that is flushing through your viscera
    mind disintegrates
    replacing the blood with virus and insects
    revel in this death
    letting something in that will not be exorcised

    human guinea pig
    ımage of despair
    bastard waiting
    suffering upon the cross of surgery

    red drift from the eyes
    so dark the panic
    so rotting this demise
    ınhale your own impending death
    breathe in
    maggots crawl in your last breath

    surgical carnage
    chunks of your own flesh are forced into your mouth
    removing the face
    wretched human mirror
    ıncarnation of disgrace
    ıce cold eyes
    long since emptied of hope and faith
    staring dead into the void
    ınternal ultra-violence
    body and mind destroyed