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  • soz konusu ingilizce sozcuk hakkinda high fidelity'de gecen enfes bi diyalogu aktarmak ister divane gonul:

    rob: what did laura mean last night when she said, "i haven't slept with him yet" ? yet! what does "yet" mean anyway? it means you're gonna do it, doesn't it? or does it?

    (at the records store)

    rob: just come on. what would it mean to you, that sentence: "i haven't seen evil dead 2 yet" ?
    barry: well, to me it would mean that you're a liar. you've seen it twice. once with laura -- oops -- and once with me and dick remember? we had that conversation about that guy making beretta shotgun ammo off-screen in the 14th century.
    rob: right. but let's just say that i hadn't seen it. and i said, "i haven't seen evil dead 2 yet." what would you think?
    barry: i'd think that you're a cinematic idiot and i'd feel sorry for you.
    rob: all right. but from that one sentence, would you think that i was going to see it?
    barry: i'm sorry, rob. i'm struggling here. you're asking me what would i think if you told me you hadn't seen a film that you have already seen. what am i supposed to say?
    rob: just listen to me. if i said to you --
    barry: "i haven't seen evil dead 2 yet", yes!
    rob: would you get the impression that i really wanted to see it?
    barry: oh, uh...well, you couldn't have been desperate to see it, otherwise you'd have already gone.
    rob: right. i'm not going to see that movie.

    (discussion closed? but barry looks up again in a moment; he's had a thought.)

    barry: but the word "yet."......yeah, you know what? i get the impression that you wanted to see it...otherwise you'd have said you didn't want to go.
    rob: but in your opinion, would i definitely go?
    barry: how the fuck am i supposed to know? probably.
    rob: why?
    barry: because it's a brilliant film! it's so funny and violent and the soundtrack kicks fucking ass. i never thought i'd say this, but can i go to work now?
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