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  • elliott smith'in az bilinen müthiş bir parçası, verdiği duygu inanılmaz ve sanırım stüdyo kaydı da yok.

    sözleri de şöyle:

    i'm not used to coming through
    more accustomed to a falling out
    i'm trying hard now as i can for you
    not to fuck up on some stupid doubt
    you've got your hopes set way up high
    way on up there where the air is thin
    the limit's supposed to be the sky
    i'm trying not to let you down again

    it's starting to come to me
    i didn't know about
    hadn't figured it out
    but it's starting to come to me now
    a little bit too late...

    i can't see anything you've done
    any reason for the trouble you've got
    you haven't hurt anyone -
    compared to most that's saying quite a lot
    i can't help you when you're sad
    that's a constant source of pain to me
    because i want to really bad
    even though you make it seem like nothing