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  • the nationalin virgiania epsinin ilk şarkısı , bağımlılığa giriş 101


    you had fun, but you couldn't get him out of the car
    ı guess mamma's boys only go so far
    you went in and put a record on
    to make it sound like someone was home
    and thanked yourself for pouring yourself a drink

    try to figure out and laugh yourself to the showers
    burn yourself alive and join the monster squad
    they say in this place you can reinvent yourself

    well you've done it again, virginia
    made another masterpiece while ı was dreaming
    how does it feel to feel like you?
    brilliant sugar, brilliant sugar, brilliant sugar, turn over

    a cool, tall, drink of water
    ıs all you ever wanted to be
    and if you had another wish to wish
    you'd be fun and moving

    but you can't talk to people, right?
    you can't tell a story
    you're tall, long legged
    and your heart's full of liquor
    and me and everybody are just ice in a glass

    ve müzik

    the national - you've done it again, virginia