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  • salon dergisinde justin elliott imzasıyla yayınlanan arabic for right-wingers başlıklı makalede zımmi kavramının doğru ve yanlış kullanımları şöyle aktarılmıştır:

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    the term: dhimmi

    how it's used: as a pejorative for non-muslims who fail to understand -- and unwittingly aid, or even appease -- the islamic menace

    example: "these dhimmi effetes at the times think their toe licking will save them. they will be the first ones with their heads on the chopping block." -- the blogger pamela geller

    what it actually means: "protected people." the dhimmi were non-muslims living under muslim rule who paid a special tax and in return were permitted to practice their own religion, be led by their religious leaders and be guided by their own religious laws and customs. this treatment was very advanced at the time. no such tolerance existed in christendom where jews, muslims and christians who did not accept the authority of the pope were persecuted, forced to convert or expelled.

    however progressive this policy may have been in the past, it would amount to second-class citizenship for non-muslims today. therefore, some insist that non-muslims must be given full citizenship rights because of the quran’s emphasis on the equality of all humanity. this need for reinterpretation can be seen in the increased incidents of discrimination and violence against non-muslims in countries like egypt, iraq, nigeria, pakistan, malaysia and indonesia.

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