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  • hollanda/limburg'lu black metal (ya da daha dogrusu trash esintileri iceren black metal mi desek) grubudur. grubun adi [karak angren] diye okunur ve demir çene anlamina gelir. sarkilari hayalet hikayeleri ve efsanaleri konu alir.
  • the sighting is a portent of doom

    in the age of electricity and oil, my tugboat ploughs through waveless liquid soil.
    cruising at thirteen knots on pitch black sea.
    there's a strange object on the radars in front of me. still nothing i can see.
    just an open dreary sea...

    several attempts to contact that what appeared to be the size of a ship.
    no response 'till i receive transmissions of hostile nature.
    these voices cursing my goddamn name.
    hell, is this witchcraft or am i insane?

    all of a sudden a dark silhouette ascends through godlike mist.
    while it comes closer, i recognize the image of an old deserted ship.

    i am aghast at the sight of a derelict vessel sailing this awkward night, appearing like a black floating cadaver.
    there's not one single man aboard.
    her torn sails cloaking her like a cobwebbed widow, posing against this sad nightmarish horizon.

    the temperature suddenly dropped.
    my great-grandfather's clock, just ticking, now stopped.
    i am smothered by a sudden shroud of fear.
    for there's a ghost ship 'pon a funereal quest.
    with a black bird circling hypnotic around its rocking empty crow's nest.

    fortunately this atrocious mystery sets sail away from me.
    some sailors claim other seamen beheld such sights.
    most died weird deaths during fog-clad days and nights.
    the ship vanished as suddenly as it appeared.
    should i feel fear? was it even there?
  • bloodstains on the captain's log

    come catharina and kiss the gold medal, a trophy for the most respected man around.
    breathe with me from the opium pipe and drink a little more wine.
    ı love you, but not as much as my sea, ship and crew.
    now you hide your fears lest it becomes your fault should ı choose to molest you.
    ıf you try to leave, there will be grief.
    a wonderful house built for my wife to dwell, still nagging like one of my annoying men.
    he defies the trust in marriage and god.
    for there are bloodstains on the captain's log.
    ı stand for greed, lust and the willpower to defeat.
    the mask ı wear is kind, with a distorted face underneath.
    ı believe in bliss through violence and suppression.
    take, rob and rape.
    don't let these filthy foreigners escape.
    on our pillage through the ındian seas, we sail heartless under the flag of piracy.
    ravish and ruin their lives.
    execute their children right before their eyes.
    my treasure chambers, teeming with the riches ı adore.
    ı call it passion, not a sin, to kill for more and more.
    come catharina and kiss the gold medal, a trophy for the most respected man around.
    breathe with me from the opium the opium pipe and drink a little more wine.
    ı love you, but not as much as my sea, ship and crew.
    now hold your tears lest it becomes your fault ı should choose to violate you.
    once he sailed the course of trade and righteousness.
    a stern, yet stout, master of the sea.
    now his soul drowns in condescension.
    his mind corrupted and martyred by greed.
    bloodstains on the captain's log!
  • where the corpses sink forever isimli, ikinci dunya savasinin manyakligindan ve acimasizligindan bahseden, pek $ukela albumu yapan gruptur.

    the funerary dirge of a violinist

    listen! don't you hear these mad symphonies of grievance and fear? melancholy and despair can be sensed when we draw near. some hear a violin sound, others hear a man moaning in tears. these fields are haunted by nature's most sombre melodies. suicidal white noise absorbing the essence from light, mirth and vitality. these grounds are haunted by reflections from world war ıı...

    arise! 1941, '42
    the identity of warfare on the east front is lugubrious. there's one soldier incapable of committing sin. kept alive by his comrades thanks to his heavenly gift with a violin.

    his brilliant music so beautiful and pure... shining warmth upon every soldier. ıt helps them to endure. breath-taking melodies consuming all hate, sorrow and fear. these magnificent tunes are like silk for their ears. and for a moment their pain disappears.

    but this moment will not last when they are baffled by another blast. the enemy is near. rain of bullets killing soldiers there and here. and so the instrument of peace is being silenced by the one of war. ıt plays the music of the dead; music made of lead. "ı've had enough of this sickening war and it's murderous puppets! they don't understand the language of music cannot be spoken in death. ı never took a life! maybe now is the time to take mine. ın the name of music; shall ı cut my wrists or hang myself high by a violin string? a symphonic suicide is what ı shall bring!"

    the enemy lies on the other side of the field. he decides to walk straight into the fire fight, playing this dreamlike masterpiece. every soldier stops, holds his breath. not a single shot is being heard during an intro for his own death.

    and when the violin bow is being lowered at the end, both sides simultaneously open fire. there's the corpse of the violinist lying in mud and barbed wire.

    these fields are haunted by the funerary dirge of a violinist. can't you hear his call of death? listen! don't you hear these mad symphonies of grievance and fear? melancholy and despair can be sensed when we draw near. some hear a violin sound... others hear a man moaning in tears.

    the funerary dirge of a violinist...
  • mordor'un iç kapısı konumundadır ve udûn vadisinin güney ucunda yer alır. vadinin kuzey ucundaki dış kapı ise morannon'a açılır.

    (bkz: isen ağzı)

  • biraz thyrane, biraz death stars bir tutam da dark fortress barındıran gruptur. gelişi güzel riffler, bol davul otomasyonu, az buçuk klavye içerir yoklukta kullanılır beğenilmezse death muadili ouroborosa geçiş yapılabilir.
  • this is no fairytale albümünü çok beğendiğim aslan gibi gençlerden oluşan grup. bunlara bazı yerlerde poser falan dendiğini gördüm. bana hiç öyleymiş gibi gelmedi. son derece severek yapıyorlar işlerini. başarılarının devamını diliyorum. ayrıca zaman zaman danny elfman havası alıyorum şarkılarında. hoşuma gidiyor.

    2015 albümleri this is no fairytale şöyle;

    once upon a time
    there's no place like home
    when crows tick on windows
    two flies flew into a black sugar cobweb
    dreaming of a nightmare in eden
    possessed by a craft of witchery
    killed and served by the devil
    the witch perished in flames
    tragedy ever after
  • bana eski cradle of filth' i anımsatan grup. ancak daha nitelikli ve daha sağlam iş yapıyorlar. vaktiyle az çok covenant, dimmu borgir, old man's child vb grupları dinlemiş olanların yadırgamayacağını düşünüyorum. müziklerinde barındırdıkları riff çeşitliliği, geçişler ve klavye süslemeleri takdire şayan. sözlere odaklanırsanız hepsi konsept albümün hakkını veriyor. yeni nesil metal gruplarından gelecek vaat edenlerinden.
  • sonbahar da kuzey amerika turunu children of bodom ile yapacak olan gruptur. daha öncesinde toronto da 2016 rotting christ ile turnesinde ilk olarak tanıdım. sahne performansları inanlımaz olan bir grup o andan itibaren takip etmekte olduğum gruptur. solisti seregor ile konser sonrası pizza yemişliğimizde vardır. aynı konser sonrası benim favorim olan rotting chirst ile (sakis) uzun bir türkiye sohbeti ettik. eylül ayında ki bu konseride iple çekiyorum. takip edilesi gruptur gençler.