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  • uzunca süren bir ayrılıktan sonra 2003te tekrar toplanmış olan mükemmel nwobhm grubu.

    opening ritual (ep)-1983
    cloven hoof-1984
    fighting back-1986
    a sultan's ransom-1989
  • cloven hoof'un 1984 çıkışlı mükemmel albümü.opening ritual ep'si ile beraber geçti elimize:

    david potter-vocals
    steve rounds-guitars
    kevin pountney-bass
    lee payne-drums

    the gates of gehenna
    storm rider
    back in the u.s.a.
    starship sentinel
    cloven hoof
    march of the damned
    the gate of gehenna
    crack the whip
    laying down the law
    return of the passover
  • grubun resmi sitesi: http://www.cloven-hoof.co.uk/
  • ayrıca bir marduk şarkısıdır. (world funeral)

    it's not who i am, my name nor number
    it's how i use it and what i do
    came to break the spell you're under
    remain to your instincts true

    it's not a sin to take what you want
    you only fall with self restrain
    loose the guilt that your world haunt
    i take away your pain

    don't care what is being written
    piss on what is being preached
    like the snake mesmerize the kitten
    rip the priest head off - don' need that leech

    came to give you all you wanted
    hear my truth

    star that fell to shed a light
    over elder and youth

    never listened to no god's answers
    scars to proof

    desolate cast out and risen
    cloven hoof

    hear the church bell rings
    as the angels sings
    all they brings for the eternally jinxed
    and kings is mere dead insects wings

    lost control of creation
    corruption, intimidation
    god is just a bitter pig
    who carries pure black hate

    can you see the genius in uttermost ferociousness?
    ruthless you say i say charity judgment defeats you
    god bless

    knifes oh christ carves "love" in your flesh
    darkness of heaven a bottomless pit
    loose your soul and walk though life dead
    god replaced it with a piece of shit

    cloven hoof
    grab on to the vision
    hate through attrition
    the shit in your life that
    makes you wish you'd die
    crush the oppression
    with ruthless
    rremember i'm
    right even
    when i lie.
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