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    myspace sayfasından alıntı;
    "this post may seem strange to some of you but i see it important to state.

    "ok, how do i even start...

    "well, this that i will say will not in any way surprise those of you who really know me as a person, but for those of you who do not perhaps you will be well confused.

    "ok, i'm here on myspace to have a personal account and meet people, other artists, thinkers, ones with beauty, intellect and somewhat centered with their life.

    "what i mean is people who are past that rebellious stage in their life and are filled with joy and love. this is where i am. the only thing that would be viewed by myself at this time as a negative is ignorance, ignorance to what life is really about, being that of love, beauty, joy and the celebration of such. the celebration of creativity.

    "i don't want comments that are 'evil' or whatever; it's quite unnecessary. that kind of stuff is better to send to those other bands, not me.

    "i only want to be a part of joy and the celebration of the gifts we all have as people filled with the beauty of spirit.

    "all these overly dark and evil comments really bore me and it has nothing whatsoever to do with where i am in my life.

    "like i said, some of you who read this may find it confusing or something, i'm sorry. i have my own thoughts in my head now and i have nothing to rebel against, nothing to be freed from. nothing to hate, period.

    "i have only love for you and my art is to interrupt the illusions that hold so many today. so that perhaps, the real self will be realized, and it is only love."
3 entry daha
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