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  • iron maiden'in x factor albumundeki bence en iyi parca. bu kadar mi depresif bi etkisi olur bi sarkinin insan ustunde hoy yani.
  • i get in from work at 2 am
    and sit down with a beer
    turn on late night tv
    and then wonder why i'm here
    it's meaningless and trivial
    and it washes over me
    and once again i wonder
    is this all there for me

    here i am again
    look at me again
    here i am again
    on my own
    trying hard to see
    what there is for me
    here i am again
    on my own

    life seems so pathetic
    i wish i could leave it all behind
    the canvas chair this bed
    these walls that fall in on my mind
    hold on for something better
    that just drags you through the dirt
    do you just let go or carry on
    and try to take the hurt

    here i am again
    look at me again
    here i am again
    on my own
    trying hard to see
    what there is for me
    here i am again
    on my own
  • en şanslı c'ye hitap eden çift
  • 5:38 süreye sahip bu harika iron maiden parçası bir bayley/gers/harris ortak yapımıdır.parçanın yavaş yavaş hızlanan solosu mükemmel ötesidir.
  • yamulmuyorsam iron maiden'in hiçbir konserde çalmadığı parça.
  • bir thee more shallows sarkisi, sabah saat 2 de basa gelen seylerden bahseder.
    sozleri de soyledir:

    when it begins, sound rushes in and drowns out everything
    sideways in bed, you cover your ears, the roar is deafening
    when it won't quit you stagger up and into the hall
    but out there it's louder. somebody's party? you start to yell

    "hey, buddy, hey! hey, buddy, please!
    would you quiet down? you're killing me!
    it's 2 am, i'm trying to sleep!"

    but the sound keeps going, 'til the walls are shaking
    and no one answers though you keep running around and banging on doors
    and it seems strange there's no one home, you start to wonder
    "who's making that noise if i'm up here all alone?"
    but then the pitch hits and you stop caring
    cause what was piercing is now controlled
    and there's no who and no why and there's no conflict
    you breathe it out and let it go.

    you start a song and when you sing the sound is gone
    and when you sing the lights come on!
    and then the doors all open wide!
    and then the whole hall staggers out and sings along!
    you rub your eyes, they come closer? it's a party.
  • her gece, ekseriyetle yatış kotası olarak belirlenip hiçbir gece gerçekleştirilemeyen uyku zamanıdır kimisine göre de.
  • iron maiden'ın en underrated şarkılarından biridir.
  • kendisinden sonra hiçbir şeyin iyi olmayacağı saat
    (bkz: nothing good happens after two a.m.)
  • (bkz: 2 a.m.)