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  • leonardo di caprio'nun günlük filminde hayatını oynadığı şahsiyet. kendisi uyuşturucu problemleri olan bir gençti ozamanlar. patti smith'le birlikte bi kaç resmi var bu adamın. bu adam şimdilerde şarkı söler. zamanında şiirler yazmış. yazıyodur hala.

    mesela bi şiiri...

    i was
    wondering if the fire within your tears is a reflection
    of the city as it burns

    or the residue of desire and rage then again it could be
    a substance of my fear

    my muscles ache from the oars against the sea

    though the sea is soft
    a single footstep
    would betray us
    to whatever lies beneath

    you as i am the obdurate afterthought of an angel
    who sleeps in a limestone quarry
    as if it was already a fountain

    what became of us
    sometimes bold always bewildered
    our touch soft as ashes of neon?

    at one point i peeled ringlets of passion
    from myself like the skin of fruit
    flung it in the face of strangers

    then i was gone
    i don't know what they did with it

    now i scream
    like a dry, uncertain leaf
    spinning to earth

    once sane
    these expectations are like mandolin strings
    too-tightly tuned
    severed by moonlight

    god, sometimes my body just breaks down trembling

    the city so distant now
    its buildings bent like homeless men around a fire
    the bruised, blessed and brutal skies
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