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  • sözleri aşağıdaki gibi olan bir phil collins şarkısı..

    all of my life, i've been searching
    for the words to say how i feel.
    i'd spend my time thinking too much
    and leave too little to say what i mean
    i've tried to understand the best i can
    all of my life.
    all of my life, i've been saying sorry
    for the things i know i should have done
    all the things i could have said come back to me
    sometimes i wish that it had just begun
    seems i'm always that little too late
    all of my life
    set 'em up, i'll take a drink with you
    pull up a chair, i think i'll stay
    set 'em up, cos i'm going nowhere
    there's too much i need to remember, too much i need to say
    all of my life, i've been looking
    but it's hard to find the way
    reaching past the goal in front of me
    while what's important just slips away
    it doesn't come back but i'll be looking
    all of my life
    set 'em up...
    all of my life, there have been regrets
    that i didn't do all i could
    making records upstairs, while he watched tv
    i didn't spend the time i should
    it's a memory i will live with
    all of my life.
  • (bkz: all my life)
  • phil collins'in bir sürü hit şarkıyı barındırdığı ...but seriously albümünde yer alması nedeniyle, underrated kalmıştır. ama albümden do you remember, i wish it would rain down on me ve another day in paradise uluslararası müzik piyasasını kasıp kavurmuşsa bile, bana göre all of my life şarkısı şüphesiz phil collins'in genesis haricindeki kariyerindeki en iyi parçalarından biridir.