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  • estatic fear'in içerisinde bir çok melodiyi ve enstrümanı bir arada barındıran şarkısı. ne başı ne sonu belli ama mükemmel.
  • estatic fear'in chapter 4'ü cidden çok güzeldir. yıllardır dinleyip de hala bıkamadığım az sayıda şarkıdan biridir. sevgiliyle ağaçların altında yürürken bu çalsa sen de onu yavaşça öpsen. her dinlediğimde olmayan sevgilimle yürürüm o ağaçların altında. duygusal moduma da başlıcam yakında.
  • girişi muazzam şarkılardan birisidir. melodik olarak muazzam.
  • az bilinen fakat bir başyapıt olup gelmiş geçmiş en iyi metal müzik albümleri listemde ilk 10'a mutlaka sokacağım estatic fear isimli grubun a sombre dance albümünün en şahane şarkısıdır.

  • mesela, robert heinleinin have space suit will travel romaninin dorduncu chapteri soyle baslar:

    i said "space ship," not "rocket ship." it made no noise but a whoosh and there weren't any flaming jets it seemed to move by clean living and righteous thoughts.i was too busy keeping from being squashed to worry about details. a space suit in one gravity is no track suit; it's a good thing i had practiced. the ship sat down where i had just been, occupying more than its share of pasture, a big black shape.

    the other one whooshed down, too, just as a door opened in the first. light poured through the door; two figures spilled out and started to run. one moved like a cat; the other moved clumsily and slowly-handicapped by a space suit. s'help me, a person in a space suit does look silly. this one was less than five feet tall and looked like the gingerbread man.

    a big trouble with a suit is your limited angle of vision. i was trying to watch both of them and did not see the second ship open. the first figure stopped, waiting for the one in the space suit to catch up, then suddenly collapsed just a gasping sound, "eeeah!"-and clunk.

    you can tell the sound of pain. i ran to the spot at a lumbering dogtrot, leaned over and tried to see what was wrong, tilting my helmet to bring the beam of my headlight onto the ground.

    -a bug-eyed monster-

    that's not fair but it was my first thought. i couldn't believe it and would have pinched myself except that it isn't practical when suited up...