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  • sözleri aşağıdaki gibi olan darkwell şarkısı.
    (bkz: suspiria)

    ladies' choice

    the chandeliers light
    the mirror's glance
    a shine not to bright
    an emotion of romance
    mighty mirrors reflect the nobles proud bleed
    golden chests contain the rich men wealth
    sepulchral darkness surrounds the mind
    lustrous silk hides the poor flesh
    the one who got my favour,
    already dressed in purple blood
    our steps are leaving a red trail,
    in the circle of my dance
    a green eyed man enters the hall
    his white skin awakes the red coloured dream
    crackling tunes of breaking bones
    the warm liquid, it is my delight
    voiceless screms surround my head
    my body fills with new life
    renewing force flows through my veins
    elated music supports the corpse dance
  • (bkz: ladies first)
  • shotgun grubunun 1982 tarihli son albümleri ve albüme ismini veren muazzam 80s groove çalışmaları.
    (bkz: detroit funk)
  • wild hope albümünün 11. şarkısı.*

    sözleri şu şekilde:

    you did everything
    i asked you not to
    look where it got you
    i'm sure
    you heard it before
    how could you?
    baby, why would you?

    goodbye, sweetheart
    countdown started
    words are heavy
    but i'm far from broken hearted
    goodbye stranger
    i'll take the fall
    lies were tempting
    you know you never really threw me off at all
    go ahead
    waste your time
    count me out
    take your place at the end of the line
    raise a glass
    no surprise
    here's to us at the end of the line (oh)
    here's to us at the end of the line

    i'll miss the version of you
    who loved me
    and all that they don't see
    you said you could be good
    somehow you're guilty
    and you're not even sorry


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