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  • lamb of god'in son albümü resolution'da yer alan parça. albümün kalbur üstü eserlerinden biri. sözleri de gelsin:

    you always needed people like me
    directions for your fingers to point
    a crooked dealer`s blaming spree
    i`m guaranteed to disappoint
    you`re weak and scared and cutting raw deals
    but fortune always favours the bold

    i`ll bet it all and crush your bluff
    i`ll never yield nor ever fold.
    and i won`t shoulder the blame.
    i am the one who`s left to take the fall
    i fight the constant undertow.

    you always needed a distraction
    a target for the stones that you thrown
    to draw attention to your actions
    i`m tailor made so lock & load
    oh, you`re telling tales you spineless coward
    your word`s not worth its weight in shit
    back against the wall, belligerent.
    i won`t shoulder the blame

    so high and mighty but when the bottom drops out
    you`re gonna find me standing where you left me.
    deal the last hand, let the cards fall where they may
    from your castle made of sand you`re looking down at me
    so high and mighty but when the bottom drops out
    you`ll have to face me waiting where you left me.