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your mama don t dance

bir poison parçası sözleri. çok eğlencelidir. tavsiye ederim

your mama don't dance and you dady don't
rock and roll
your mama don't dance and your dady don't
rock and roll
but when evening rolls around and it's time to
hit the town
where do you go-you gotta rock it
the old folks say that ya gotta end your date
by ten
but if you're out on a date don't
you bring her home late 'cause
it's a sin
you know there's no excuse
you know you're gonna lose, you never win
i'll say it again
you see i pulled into a drive-in and
found a place to park
we hopped into the back seat where it's
always nice and dark
i'm just about to move hinking to myself
mmm jeff this is a breeze
then there was a light in my eye and a guy says
out of the car long hair
oowee-you're comig with me
said the local police

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15.06.2004 11:30