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  • "onden buyur" anlaminda da kullanilabilen cumlecik.
  • telsiz vs. ile konuşurken, sizi anons eden kişiye "devam et" anlamında söylenen kalıp, phrase.
  • bir deyim olarak "başlama izni" manasında da kullanılabilen bir kalıptır. bu şekilde kullanıldığında isim muamelesi görür.

    örnek : i have been waiting for his permission for two days; he finally gave me the go ahead.
    meali : iki gündür heriften izin bekliyordum; nihayet bana yeşil ışık yaktı.
  • lisedeyken anlamını "git başımdan" zannettiğim kalıp.
  • the rosebuds şarkısıdır. benim için aşkla, aşık olmakla, günleri saymakla eş anlamlıdır.

    go ahead and be my world
    and everything will be okay
    just hide there in plain sight
    too big to see, yeah to see

    we’ll have coffee and watch the strangers
    gather our letters and carry us further
    diluted and faded, still safely there
    still there, still there

    go ahead, let’s plant a forest
    where we can hide when the city expels us
    we can sleep in the branches
    our own little outpost in the trees

    we’ll plan ahead and cut a path
    so we can always sneak our way back
    and line it all with grapevines and keep them well tuned
    so we can run, we can run through

    let’s go ahead and grab our clothes
    and walk together where the water knows us
    and toss them over the edge
    into the lake and watch them sink

    let’s make a pact, set a date
    meet back up here at this same place
    and maybe brim will make beds in your dresses
    in your dresses, in your dresses

    go ahead and leave two notes
    and place them down inside old library books
    and fold back the pages
    put them back in their spaces, undisturbed

    and we’ll come back and see inside
    who checked them out and if they replied
    or if they’re still there unread and unanswered
    quiet, unread and unanswered
  • (hadi) yap, söyle, vb. eylemleri belirtmek için kullanılan kalıp.

    bizim versiyonda nedense olumsuzu mevcut: "sen çok ileri gittin!"
    nedense birine bir şeyi yapması için telkin de bulunurken "ileri git" demek saçma geliyor. gerçekten ileri gitmeyi kastetmiyorsak.
  • alicia keys'in as i am albümünün 2 numaralı şarkısı. triplere girerek eşlik etmesi çok zevkli.*


    broken promises
    my heart you stole
    lies you told
    got the best of me
    digging in my heart of gold
    used to look at you
    and see the possibilities
    i see you for who you are
    boy you've disappointed me

    i thought you gave me love
    was never near enough
    soon enough time reveals
    the weight of what is real
    know all ı need to know
    but see you got to go
    what have you've given me?
    but lies lies

    go head go on and get up out of here
    go head baby
    you knew you was wrong
    you knew all along
    must be crazy
    if you think ı'm gone fall for this anymore
    everybody say no no no no no
    everybody say no no no no no

    used to believe in every word you said
    clouds my head
    leaving me here to drown
    hopes and dreams left for dead
    you point your finger
    trying to justify your mistakes
    a change is goin to be made
    so you best be on your way

    no need to apologize
    don't try to make it right
    i know
    i should known better
    when you took hold
    i was sold
    using fear to control
    now it unfolds
    let me tell you right now
    what ı'm gonna do
    made up my mind
    it's time and ı'm through with you
    nothing you can say or can do
    can make me change me mind
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