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  • sanırım gecip gitmek anlamında ingilizce phrasal verb . before sunset te jesse in celine e ruyasını anlatırken "and you go by and you go by and you go by" deyisi hatırımdadır .
  • elliott smith şarkısı.

    go on parade and fade
    hit the scene in slow
    spending all your time with some girl
    you'll never get to know
    wound up tight
    dressed all in white
    some torment saint
    blowing out to drift
    leave you even if

    you live up in your head
    scared of every little noise
    someone's always breaking in accidentally
    using nothing but their voice
    shrill and small
    echo down the hall
    repeating pet names
    seeing it in your eyes
    you're only passing by
    go by
    someone's in the way
    pretty words and inside slurs
    all the things they have to say
    to perform the work that they've rehearsed
    it’s a waste of time
    i put it behind me
    once and for all
    and let the hype decline
    if the problem wasn't mine
    go by
  • (bkz: went by)

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