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each man kills the thing he loves

the man had killed the thing he loved,
and so he had to die.
yet each man kills the thing he loves,
by each let this be heard,
some do it with a bitter look,
some with a flattering word.
the coward does it with a kiss,
the brave man with a sword!

some kill their love when they are young,
and some when they are old;
some strangle with the hands of lust,
some with the hands of gold:
the kindest use a knife, because
the dead so soon grow cold

some love too little, some too long,
some sell and others buy;
some do the deed with many tears,
and some without a sigh:
for each man kills the thing he loves,
yet each man does not die.

he does not die a death of shame
on a day of dark disgrace,
nor have a noose about his neck,
nor a cloth upon his face
nor drop feet foremost through the floor
into an empty space.

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