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  • buyuk ihtimalle instant clarity albumunde yer alan mukemmel bir michael kiske $arkisi.

    i once was a blue eyed
    i once dreamed i was free

    diye ba$layan,

    oh god,help me to understand me
    guide me through visions i see
    so far..
    you carry my soul back in time
    the past shows the future to climb

    oh god,did i once be there by your side
    will i once return to your light
    so far..
    away from this world leads your love
    my heart gets the wings of a dove
    and flies above

    help me to sing you this song
    i pray for your kingdom to come

    diye biten,ortasini hatirlamadigim,acik bi $ekilde michael kiskenin dini duygularini belli ettigi $arki.hastasiyim.