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  • nba'in resmi dergisi hoop'ta kitap değerlendirmeleri yapar. aynı zamanda şairdir foyle, isim benzerliği değil yahu hakikaten bizim foyle. hüzün dolu şiirlerinden bir örnek vermek gerekirse;

    i remember her

    and like a terrible hurricane silencing a once rowdy
    island or the fire that burns the soul in gomorra.
    the storyteller's chair sits vacant,
    a shoal hanging across the back,
    the hoe no longer ploughs the loamy soil.

    the image of a lady climbing manny hill,
    with a white flour bag carrying the sign ecfm
    fill with peanuts and potatoes, balanced on her
    head but she disappears into the rays of the
    steamy caribbean sun.

    like serenaders knocking on your door
    capturing your air and escaping into the
    cover of night. gone is your dancing
    and singing to bring in the morning. your
    crocked eyes close one last time.

    i sit on the plum tree waiting for a glimpse
    of your sunburned face, but all i can see is memory.
3 entry daha