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  • u2nun asmis sarkisi, klibi de cok guseldir ayrica
  • "please please tell me now
    is there something i should know?
    please please tell me now
    is there something i should say"
    yalvarıyorum sana nın gurula harmanlanmış biçimi
  • guzide bir nin sarkisi, hepberaber soyluyoruz:

    this is how
    it begins
    push it away but it all comes back again
    all the flesh
    all the sin
    there was a time when it used to mean just about everything

    just like now

    breathe, echoing the sound
    time starts slowing down
    sink until i drown
    (please) i don't ever want to make it stop

    and it keeps repeating
    will you please complete me?

    never be enough
    to fill me up

    watch the white
    turn to red
    it fills up the hole but it grows somewhere else instead
    all my life
    yeah yeah yeah yeah, but it just left me dead
    (well guess what?)
    the world is over and i realize it was all in my head

    now everything is clear
    i erase the fear
    i can dissappear
    (please) i don't ever want to make it stop

    you can never leave me
    will you please complete me

    never be enough
    to fill me up
  • rica etme nidasi.

    kibarca arz etmenin ingilizcesi.
  • u2'nun olaganustu parcasi...
    'you can only feel your own pain... '
  • 1. lütfen, 2. fiil olarak - mutlu etmek anlamina gelen sihirli sözcüğün ingilizce kar$iliği
  • sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun

    so you never knew love
    until you crossed the line of grace
    and you never felt wanted
    till you had someone slap your face
    so you never felt alive
    until you almost wasted away
    you had to win
    you couldn`t just pass
    the smartest ass
    at the top of the class
    your flying colours
    your family tree
    and all your lessons in history

    get up off your knees

    so you never know
    how low you`d stoop to make that call
    and you never knew
    what was on the ground till they mad you crawl
    and you never knew that
    the heaven you keep you stole

    your catholic blues
    your convent shoes
    your stick on tattoos
    now they`re making the news
    your holy war
    your northern star
    your sermon on the mount

    get up off your knees
    leave me out of this

    so love is hard and love is tough
    but love is not what you`re thinking of

    streets capsizing
    spilling over
    down the drain
    shards of glass splinters like rain
    but you could only feel
    your own pain
    talking getting nowhere
    are we just starting again

    get up off your knees

    so love is big bigger than us
    but love is not what your thinking of
    it`s what lovers deal
    it`s what lovers steal
    you know i`ve found it hard to receive
    cause you my love i could never believe
  • pet shop boys'un tarihi debutu.. 86'dan.. synth mefhumunun pop'la, zamanin pop lirizmiyle mukemmel bulusmasi.. west end girls, love comes quickly, suburbia, opportunities.. neil tennant ve chris lowe ikilisi daha sonra bunu aratmayacak albumler de yapti ama please hem onlar icin dort dortluk bir intro, hem de seksenlerin bir kanadina tam referans..
  • bono'nun irlanda için bir dua olarak sunduğu süper u2 şarkısı.
  • miss saigon müzikalinden bir parça. kim ve john'un düeti. john, kim'e chris'in vietnam'a geldiğini söylemeye gelmiştir. yanında oğlu "tam" de olan kim, sevdiği erkeği, çocuğunun babasını göreceği için sevinçten çılgına döner falan filan.


    i'm not here as a friend
    i have a job to do
    it's strange to find my work
    should lead me here to you
    chris knows all about you
    i have shown him all this
    but i think that it's time
    you know all about chris


    please, don't you see that's all i live for?
    i have him and nothing more
    at night, everything that's not him
    disappears behind my door


    please, he went crazy when he lost you
    spoke to no one for a year
    then he finally said "i'm home now,
    my life has to go on here"

    kim, let me finish talking, please
    this was three whole years ago

    yes, yes i know
    i know how pain can grow
    when the rock you hold onto
    is a love miles away, listen:

    please, i already know the story
    take us to the usa

    when we finish here, you'll see him
    chris arrived with me today!

    oh tam! he's here!
    he is here, he's so near
    we might breathe the same air tonight!
    your father's here

    kim -----------------------------------------------------------------john
    i dreamed so hard(oh tam it's true) ---------------i can't tell her like this
    i kept my faith(my dream was right)---------------i should not be the one
    and now it's true(you'll see him soon)--------------chris must come see his son

    please,------------------------------------------------they don't say
    don't you see we've been----------------------------in the files
    watched over?----------------------------------------there's a woman in love
    as we crossed----------------------------------------here
    the wildest sea?--------------------------------------what sustained her for miles
    even god wants us together-------------------------chris still knows nothing of
    can i end this journey,-------------------------------can i end this journey


    there's only one thing i can do
    i must bring chris here to see you