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  • hem merhaba, hem gule gule, hem de gule... italyanca
  • lush ve jarvis cocker ortak çalışması olan şarkı, sevgilinizle çok da yıkıcı olmayan bi şekilde ayrıldıysanız, bu şarkıyı söyleyerekten baya bi eğlenebilirsiniz.
  • çok eğlenceli zıp zıp zıplatan lush sarkisi...

    i've been so happy since i walked away
    i never thought that i could
    feel as great as i do today
    'cause you were nothing but a big mistake
    and life is wonderful, now that i'm rid of you
    oh i must've been crazy to have stayed with you
    i can't believe i thought i was in love with you
    but now the scales have fallen i can really see
    and i say go to hell, 'cause that's where you took me
    well, i've felt better since i slammed that door
    you always cramped my style, i never noticed before
    it's been a non-stop party since i flew the coop
    i can't believe i fell for such a loser like you
    and is it any wonder that i felt so blue
    when i was always having to put up with you
    oh, here we go again, just lay the blame on me
    don't say another word, 'cause sweetheart, you're history
    i know that you miss me really, bet you wish that you still had me
    you'll never find someone like me but i've got no regrets at all
    'cause i've met this girl and she's so good to me
    she's really beautiful, fantastic company
    oh, when i'm with her i realise what love can be
    'cause she's fifty times the person you will ever be
    good luck, mister, do you think i care?
    since you've been gone the offers have been everywhere
    i've got a million guys just lining up for me
    i've turned a corner, boy, my life is ecstasy
    well, i've been in heaven since i walked away
    i never thought that i could feel as great as i do today
    'cause you were nothing but a waste of space
    and life is wonderful, now that i'm over you
  • (it.) argoda aloo jeton yeni mi dustu tabirinde bir unlem
  • son zamanlarda smslerin en gozde bitis kelimesi.italyanca gule gule anlamına gelir.bye'a alternatif olarak kullanılmaktadır.
  • hosca kal, belki de gule gule*.
  • (bkz: cu)
  • sono vostro schiavo'nun halk arasında söylene söylene aldigi hal. [sono vostro çiavo] gibi bir sekilde okunur ki günümüzde sadece son kelime, o da ilk hecesi vurgulanarak söylenir.
    (bkz: sono vostro schiavo).
  • (bkz: jiao)
  • italyanların "çao0oo" şeklinde oldukça garip/komik telaffuz ettikleri kelime.