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  • mudonun bilmem kac yilindaki sloganiydi, basarili bir reklam kampanyasiydi.
  • chris de burgh un flying colours albumunden bir sarki.
  • (bkz: dont look now)
  • vokali angela mccluskey'ye ait telepopmusik parçasi.

    sit still, and close your eyes
    what’s behind the other door
    no more silence, don’t kill this thing we got called love
    just searching for the perfect drug

    when love comes calling
    don’t look back
    when love comes calling
    don’t look away

    and i’m standing over here
    watching you over there
    smiling, happy, unaware
    oh, life is spinning round
    you’re going underground, forgetting who we were
    let’s try and keep it just one more day

    you take your love
    and throw it all around
    like it’s nothing special
    just a sound
    let me say one more thing
    i don’t think you realize
    that a day is like a year sometime
  • boston'a ait harika bir parcadir.ozellikle sarkinin elektro gitar solosu harikadir, enfes bir melodidir, dinledikce tekrar dinleyesi gelir insanin.sarkinin uzun olmasi bu bakimdan bir avantajdir zaten.

    (bkz: sozlerini de yazayim tam olsun)

    don't look back
    a new day is breakin'
    it's been too long since i felt this way
    i don't mind where i get taken
    the road is callin'
    today is the day

    i can see
    it took so long to realize
    i'm much too strong
    not to comprimise
    now i see what i am is holding me down
    i'll turn it around

    i finally see the dawn arrivin'
    i see beyond the road i'm drivin'
    far away and left behind

    it's a new horizon and i'm awakin' now
    oh i see myself in a brand new way
    the sun is shinin'
    the clouds are breakin'
    'canse i can't lose now, there's no game to play

    i can tell
    there's no more time left to criticize
    i've seen what i could not recognize
    everthing in my life was leading me on
    but i can be strong

    i finally see the dawn arrivin'
    i see beyond the road i'm drivin'
    far away and left behind
  • john lee hooker'ın aynı adlı albümünden, van morrison ile düet yaptığı çok güzel bir parça. cennetten gelen bir nasihat gibi.. sevgiyle, saygıyla anıyorum babayı tekrar. eminim ışık içinde uyuyordur şimdi..
  • insanın, peşinden "there is a bear" diyesi gelen söz..