• ing. gorev adami, hiperaktif insan, anlamina gelen matthew good band parcasi. audio of being albumunden.

    between the night and day
    lost in the law of averages
    what would you know
    unless you'd lived a life of it?

    they say the kid sold out,
    in love with himself run ragged,
    always looked to be a man of action
    cause that's what the old man
    should have been but
    this world it wore him out
    this world it wears you out

    i dissapeared today
    i went under
    if only for a second
    and i found where the light drown
    if you lay down you can dissapear

    i got me a whore head
    i got me a day star
    i lost me control of myself
    and baby i don't want it back
    no i don't want to be like that
    if this is us in control of ourselves

    between the night and day
    and so few eyes left open
    your forgiveness ain't a neighborhood
    that i'm looking to live in
    maybe this world it wore me out
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    (bkz: acta non verba)
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