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  • bu gece* saat 23:00'da yayinlanmasi beklenen x files bolumu. her x files hayraninin mutlaka izlemesi gereken bir yapit. scullynin kanseri ve mulderin intiharinin arkasindaki gercekleri ogrenmemizi saglayacak 2 bolumun birincisi.
  • bir hastalik, emeklilik yada uzun suren ayriliktan sonra geri donmek anlamina gelen ingilizce kelime.
  • (bkz: redux ii)
  • the x files da besinci sezon ilk bölümüdür ki dizinin mitolojisinde devam bölümü olan redux ii ile birlikte en önemli bölümlerden biridir. bir hastalık, emeklilik yada uzun süren ayrılıktan sonra geri dönmek anlamına gelir. bölümün ismi de mulder ın aslında ölmemiş olmasına bir anlamda göndermedir. ayrıca bu bölümde tagline all lies lead to the truth olarak değiştirilmiştir. bu aslında, scully nin skinner a bölüm içinde söylediği bir sözdür.
  • mulder'a en buyuk yalanin bir parcasi oldugunu soyleyen michael kritschgau'nun asmis monologu sayesinde amerikan komplo tarihini 3 dakikaya sigdirmis efsanevi the x files bolumu.

    kritschgau: level 4 is a biological quarantine wing. it houses a series of labs and medical facilities, and an elaborate facility for the storage of mass quantities of dna.

    mulder: dna from whom?

    kritschgau: virtually every american born since 1945. every immigrant, every indigenous person who's ever given blood or tissue to a government donor. this is what i was telling you. this is the hoax into which you've been drawn. the roots go back 50 years to the end of world war ii. playing on a virulent national appetite for bogus revelation and a public newly fearful of the atomic bomb... the u.s. military command began to fan the flames of what were being called flying saucer stories. there are truths that can kill a nation, agent mulder. the military needed something to deflect attention away from its arms strategy - global domination from the capability of total enemy annihilation. the nuclear card was fine as long as we alone could play it. but the generals and politicos knew they could not win a public relations war. those photographs from nagasaki and hiroshima were not faces americans wanted to see in the mirror. oppenheimer knew it, of course, but we silenced him. when the russians developed the bomb, the fear in the military was not for safety at home, but for armistice and treaty. the business of america isn't business, agent mulder, it's war. since antitam, nothing has driven the economy faster. we needed a reason to keep spending money, and when there wasn't a war to justify it, we called it a war anyway. the cold war was essentially a fifty year public relations battle... a pitched game of chicken against an enemy we not much more than called names. the communists called us a few names, too. "we will bury you," kruschev said, and the public believed it. and after what mccarthy had done, they ate it with a big spoon. we faced off a few times in cuba, korea, vietnam, but nobody dropped the bomb - nobody dared.

    mulder: but what does all this have to do with flying saucers?

    kritschgau: the u.s. military saw a good thing in '47 when the roswell story broke. the more we denied it, the more people thought it was true - aliens had landed. a made-to-order cover story for generals looking to develop the national war chest. they opened official investigations with names like grudge, twinkle, project blue book, majestic 12. they brought in college professors and congressmen and fed them enough bogus facts and fuzzy pictures and eyewitness accounts that they believed it, too. they even hooked doug macarthur, for god's sake. i can't tell you how fortuitous it was. do you know when the first supersonic flight was, agent mulder? 1947. soon every experimental aircraft being flown was a ufo sighting. when the abduction stories started up, it was too perfect. we almost got caught in korea, an ambitious misstep. china and the soviets knew it. the un got all heated up at us.

    mulder: germ warfare. we were accused of using it in the korea.

    kritschgau: it was developmental then, nothing like what we and the russians have now. the bio-weapons used in the gulf war were so ingenious as to be almost undetectable. developed in this very building.

    mulder: what about all the reports of abductions? you're saying they've all been lies?

    kritschgau: not lies exactly, but citizens taken unsuspecting and tested. a classified military project, above top-secret and still ongoing. you've heard the recent denials about roswell by the military and the cia. what's been the effect? even wilder and more widespread belief. the american appetite for bogus revelation, agent mulder.
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  • x files'in en basarili, en mitolojik bölümlerinden biri.
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